q17i9a4j.exe - what is it?

  g0slp 10:09 02 Mar 2005

PC is running XP/SP2

What is this program, please?

I spent yesterday clearing up after 2 teenagers had guessed a security password & then accessed some pr0n sites. (Thank goodness the owner had BB, as I found 3 diallers, but that's another story...)

However, this morning I'm told that Norton reported that C:\WINDOWS\system32\q17i9aj.exe was trying to access the internet.

I'm not familiar with this, & google hasn't been of help. Is this harmless, & just a coincidence, or is there something more sinister still lurking in the machine?

Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 10:28 02 Mar 2005

It's a virus apparently - see:

click here=

It doesn't come up on the Symantec website though.

  961 10:37 02 Mar 2005

Try an on line scan at click here

  g0slp 10:52 02 Mar 2005

I'll investigate when I see the machine in question later

Regards, Mark

  g0slp 09:46 03 Mar 2005

OK, I've run a2, adaware, spybot & followed the link in Stuartli's post.

If I do a search for q17i9a4j.exe on the computer, I get two files coming up.

Both are in the WINDOWS folder; one is Prefetch & the other is in system32.

Googling Prefetch gives me this as a first page of results click here=

Now, as this mentions Windows, seemingly legitimately, I'm a bit wary of proceeding with any other deletions. Comments please. Thanks, Mark

  Stuartli 09:59 03 Mar 2005

I occasionally run pagedfrg.exe to clear Prefetch. You can download it from here (about 45kb) or a number of other sources:

click here

  g0slp 12:51 03 Mar 2005

Will post back when I've run that.

Another weapon in the armoury...:-))

  g0slp 07:12 04 Mar 2005

Thanks for guidance.

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