PV down

  jenny<3 01:10 06 Jan 2007

Hi all, i hope you can help.

I had taken the side off to check the RAM so i could buy some more and give it its usual clean out of dust. It had just downloaded some windows nonsence that i usually tell it not to but had changed the settings on the firewall a few minutes before i logged off. (as in; allow windows update, not shutting the firewall off).
I am now getting the beep for when the machine comes on, and the bios options in dos, then the beep that usually boots it up when everything stops a to black screen. Have tried a back up disk in the floppy drive but from the second beep that signifies boot up the hard drives spins briefly once and the floppy doesn't sound at all (regardless of the bios order). Both drives are lit up so therefore should work. I assume i have disconnected something by knocking a wire somehow, but all connections are in place and i had taken all the usual precautions. Any ideas? It's that or the windows download has done something.

I have no winXp disc as it was preloaded when i bought the machine, my housemate and i bought the same machines so the start up floppy is from hers, same system, same PC model. Any input would be appreciated, im anxious to get back ingame (with my settings intact too). Thanks in advance. Jenny xx

  Batch 07:56 06 Jan 2007

Did you take the memory out to have a look at it? You may not have re-seated it properly and so have a bad connection between the memory card and its slot.

  jenny<3 20:07 06 Jan 2007

i hadn't taken the memory out, nor anything else save the cpu fan to clean under it. That is replaced and working fine btw. i have checked and re-set the circuits and connections to be sure. I turn the machine on, it beeps once for bios option dos page and the second time to nothing. The hard drive spins once at this point.

nb sorry about title being spelt wrong, PC down obviously

  jenny<3 22:11 06 Jan 2007

anyone? please

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:18 06 Jan 2007

when checking the memory or 'dusting'. The beep signifies an error and depending on the BIOS can mean different things - see :- click here

I would check everything is seated properly.

  jenny<3 02:20 07 Jan 2007

Thanks, will check memory card again. Although we have the same PC model(bought as a pair) in another room and that beeps the same way. Once when POST starts and again when it goes to boot up. Both PCs make these beeps in the same way, hence confusion. It also says on the dos screen that the 512 memeroy is ok. I can take the card out now and see what happens without it, and i guess try it in the other slot.

  jenny<3 02:38 07 Jan 2007

Have just tried the above, without memory nothing happens at all, the monitor doesn't even come on. Tried memory in both slots and as before beep for on and first POST page then the beep for OK according to the linked page given by previous poster. At the point of the OK beep the screen goes black, the hard drive spins once but still nothing happens.

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