Putting XP over Vista

  version8 14:14 12 Oct 2008

Got a friend who's laptop came with Vista.
And who tried to copy XP Pro over it.
Now the Laptop will not boot, even into the BIOS.
So unable to boot from an external device!
Unable to get to the HDD as the whole case seems to be welded together!

Any ideas on what to do?

  version8 14:16 12 Oct 2008

Could the mbr be corrupt & not letting us into the BIOS?
But how to fix it??

  Pineman100 15:04 12 Oct 2008

It could help people to help you if you explain clearly what procedure was followed to "copy" XP over the top of Vista.

Also explain exactly what you're doing to try and get into the BIOS.

Have you tried booting from the XP system CD?

Or hitting <F8> during the boot-up process, to give you a boot option screen?

  version8 16:20 12 Oct 2008

OK, an attempt was made to flatten the hard drive & install XP.
All went well until XP crashed when installing.
Trying to get in to the BIOS via F8 results in nothing happening.
We can not get into the BIOS!
Hence my friend has a laptop that has no O/S on it & no way of getting one on it!
The Vista recovery disc does not work.(possible corrupt mbr?)
Nor does XP work.

  version8 17:11 12 Oct 2008

We would take the HDD out & check the mbr etc but cant!

  Zeppelyn 17:17 12 Oct 2008

So what exactly happens when laptop is switched on? Do you get any message, if you do what is it?

  Pineman100 17:23 12 Oct 2008

<F8> may not be your route into the BIOS. It's usually the key to hit in order to give you boot options.

The easiest was to get into the BIOS involves striking a key repeatedly from the moment you start up your computer. Trouble is, I can't tell you which key - it depends on the make of your computer. It might be <F10> or <F2> or <DEL>.

You should see the correct key diisplayed on the very first splash screen as your computer starts up - it's probably shown as SETUP.

Reagrdless of what you can or can't get to work when you start the computer, can you get the CD tray to open? If so, then have you tried just putting in the XP CD and then restarting the computer? No promises, but you might get it to boot from the CD.

  version8 11:29 13 Oct 2008

Laptop now terminally ill.
Will not now boot past POST.
So unable to get into BIOS.
May have to try to get HDD out some how?

  Rahere 11:39 13 Oct 2008

The POST process doesn't run from the hard drive, it's all run by the BIOS until the POST is complete.

are there any beep sounds when you turn on laptop? these are error codes as much as screem messages either will help determine the problem

To be sure you are pressing the right buttons for your laptop visit this page and post back

click here

  woodchip 11:49 13 Oct 2008

You may be able to do something with a USB floppy drive. As you need to clear Partitions, before trying again. Plus you need Drivers for XP. If this is fairly new computer you may need to load Sata Drivers from a floppy before you can get at the hard drive.

  phono 13:20 13 Oct 2008

What make and model is the laptop?

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