Putting a time expiry date onto a programme

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:38 06 Feb 2003

A friend of mine has written a calculating programme that is based on Excel. A company is very interested in the programme and wishes to 'road test' a copy for a month. He wants to make sure that the programme vanishes after a month. Is there any way of terminating an Excel programme after a certain date?

I did think about making the text colour default to white, which would render it invisible on the white background, after 30 days or so but is this possible or are there any progs around that will do this?

Excel is not really my forte.


  Djohn 16:46 06 Feb 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> Me niether, but vog is well versed in excell and maybe able to help with this. J.

  Belatucadrus 19:44 06 Feb 2003

There was a program called Softlocx 3.0 Express. Last seen on PCPlus CD 166A, quoted as coming from Bitarts via click here but their search engine comes up blank. I can't find any live links to it anywhere else.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:10 06 Feb 2003

No joyn with Softlocx.


  y_not 20:19 06 Feb 2003

If that helps click here

  spikeychris 20:22 06 Feb 2003

Not my forte either but I've dragged up this

Store a known starting value on a hidden, password-protected worksheet
before making the workbook available. In the Workbook_Open handler, check
this value: if it's the value you originally entered, replace it with the
current date. In the future when the user opens the workbook, compare today
to the stored date, and if it's been more than 30 days, put up a dialog
asking for the registration number (or whatever scheme you had in mind). If
not entered properly, close the workbook. Otherwise, replace the hidden
value with something like the word "paid", and from then on no further
action would be taken.

Not completely fool-proof, but it should work.


  spikeychris 20:31 06 Feb 2003

click here for more


  VoG™ 22:37 06 Feb 2003

If you had mentioned Excel in the title I would have pounced on this several hours ago. They need to enter this in a module:

Sub Auto_Open()

Dim nw As Date, x, y

nw = Date

x = DateValue(nw)

y = DateValue("01-feb-03")

If x > y Then Application.Quit

End Sub

I am assuming that they already have some Visual Basic Code in the Workbook. If not, users can over-ride this by refusing to run macros when the pop-up security warning appears. It is easy to re-write a standard XL function in VBA so that the user has to enable macros for the Workbook to calculate correctly.

If you need more please post back.

  Pumas 22:41 06 Feb 2003


  VoG™ 22:42 06 Feb 2003

In what way "interesting"?

  Djohn 22:45 06 Feb 2003

VoG™, I told them you'd fix it in my first post! :o)

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