Putting a Print Icon on my Google Page

  haricot 19:03 07 May 2009

Would someone mind telling me please how to put a Print Icon on the top of my Google page so that I can click on it to print anything off.Sorry to be bit of a goofy on this.

  MAT ALAN 19:13 07 May 2009

google is only a webpage that opens within your chosen browser (IE6/7/8 or FIREFOX) like any other page, the option to print should already be in the task bar at the top of the page unless you are using firefox in which case you will need to add it by right clicking the task bar select customize then dragging print icon to the taskbar.

hope this is what you mean...

  john bunyan 19:18 07 May 2009

In IE8 there is a print icon top right 4th from left of items, next to "read mail" and before "page".Or "File, Print"

  haricot 20:12 07 May 2009

Hi chaps, thanks for coming back so quick. I appreciate that.

I've got a funny feeling however that its gonna get worse 'cos I havent got any of what you suggest at the top of my google page ! Perhaps
I hav'nt got the correct google page up !!!

I'm on IE 8 by the way , not Firefox.At least I think its 8 !

According to my set up I've either got "Classic" or "iGoogle". Neither of which show any of what you said I should have.

Any other ideas ? I told you I was a bit of a woos did'nt I.

  MAT ALAN 20:56 07 May 2009

Not sure whats going on there then...

What actually shows at the top of the page when you open explorer..
click here

should sorta look like the ones in the link

  MAT ALAN 20:58 07 May 2009

click here

this link may also help (avoid the yahoo toolbar) no need for that,

  interzone55 21:13 07 May 2009

In order to print anything in pretty much any application simply press CTRL+P

  john bunyan 22:30 07 May 2009

If you want it as I outlined, put cursor in the toolbar, right click then tick "Command bar" option.The print and switch to mail etc should appear.
I have the following ticked :Menu bar,Favourites bar,Compatability view button,Command bar,Status bar,Google task bar, AVG Security task bar and Lock the toolbars.)Maybe too much for some)

  haricot 08:30 08 May 2009

Apologies for a belated response (had a to go out last night) but sincere thanks to you all :-

Mat, alan14, John and Lazurus, I really do appreciate all this effort and I only wish that my computer literacy was up to yours.
I could send you a copy of my Google Page so that at least you could see what I have but sad that I am, I don't even know how to carry out this " click here " routine that you guys use. Not ever had to use it before.
If you could run thru that sequence for me I could shove it thru to you and you may be able to understand what I am rattlin' on about.

Ive copied my Google page layout and it is sitting in "My Documents" at the moment.

Thanks again chaps.


  haricot 08:41 09 May 2009

Wot no replies !

Have I upset you chaps or am I that thick that you may thinks I'm incapable.

Give it a go chaps and come back once more if you would PLEASE !

  tullie 08:48 09 May 2009

I think that Mat Alan said it all at the start.

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