Putting Picture in the Body of a e mail

  johnoo 20:57 11 Dec 2010

I use Yahoo mail and want to put a picture in the body of the mail rather than attach it.
How do i do this?
I have tried to copy/Paste but this does not seem to work

  Simsy 21:10 11 Dec 2010

It doesn't look like you can...

But what you can do is include a link to a picture that you have hosted somewhere on the internet...

And to do that you have to have "Rich text" mode, not "Plain text"...

see here;
click here

Good luck,



  octal 21:11 11 Dec 2010

I take it you are using the web mail? I checked my account and there doesn't appear to be a way of doing that, you can do it if you are using the POP3 on your email client like Outlook or Thunderbird.

  johnoo 21:29 11 Dec 2010

Well thanks for the responses, at least I know I can't do it!

  David4637 15:25 12 Dec 2010

I have inserted an image in the text area of Outlook Express running XP. Sent and received OK. David

  johnoo 15:41 12 Dec 2010

Are you going to tell us how you did it?
Also please note that I am using Yahoo mail and need a solution relative to this.

  john bunyan 16:10 12 Dec 2010

In Office Outlook you just press "Insert", "Picture" then select from your library. If you want to add it as a file you use the "Attach File" button.
Cant help with other mail programmes.

  woodchip 16:33 12 Dec 2010

You cannot do it, you mean like a web page

  woodchip 16:35 12 Dec 2010

Sorry think I can do it using Word Perfect to create a Mail and add a Picture as above. forgot about that route

  David4637 10:16 13 Dec 2010

It must be a saved *.jpg in the file size you want. If its a large file it will take a long time to send (I am on dial up). Find a menu which says Add a Picture, then browse to find the *.jpg then press OK and it will be inserted in the text area. I use Outlook Express6 (XP) but other email progs should have a similar option. David

  Woolwell 10:44 13 Dec 2010

johnoo is almost certainly using webmail and your solution will probably not work with yahoo webmail (see Simsy's link).

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