Putting a new motherboard through its paces?

  Phrixos 20:31 24 Nov 2007


My having just built a new system, a thought just struck me--about that perrennial devil, static electricity.

The nature of the beast is such that ESD damage may be done to one of the more obscure mobo circuits and so may not be immediately (or for some time) apparent. Now I find myself wondering: other than adopting a simple "wait and see" philososphy, is there some way to put an entire motherboard "through its paces", thus to see if the build has caused any hidden damage anywhere?

Or am I wrong about that? Given ESD damage may only show up when some only "partially fried" circuit finally gives up the ghost, is it even worth considering this question?


  woodchip 20:35 24 Nov 2007

You mean a Stress Test? yes you can, but me I would just Not bother Free PC Stress Test software

  woodchip 20:36 24 Nov 2007

Sorry Link click here=

  woodchip 21:09 24 Nov 2007

Why I do not think it's worth it, If you have touched things you ought not, A test is not going to change things

  Phrixos 21:10 24 Nov 2007

Yes indeed. A "stress test" sounds like the very thing, and thank you for the link--but tell me, please, why you woudn't bother.


  Phrixos 21:14 24 Nov 2007

Ah. Remarks crossing in the ether.

I'm thinking a stress test might make a damaged motherboard fail before I go through all the bother of validating my new Windows Vista and loading all my software. If a a "new-new" board is on the horizon, better now than later.



  I am Spartacus 21:23 24 Nov 2007

If you want to stress test the CPU and it's a Core 2 Duo then try the Intel Thermal Analysis Tool click here make sure you run it for all the cores.

I haven't got mine over 48ºC

  ton 21:23 24 Nov 2007

If it is going to fail with electronics problem then it will reguardless of a so called stress test.

Switching it on and off is probably more of a stress test for it.

Don't bother - just use it.

  Phrixos 14:24 25 Nov 2007

I suppose so. It's just that after having made that mistake a couple of times before (it's so easy to do), when you build a new system you can't help but wonder if you've done it again. No way to know, except to wait.

Talk about the Sword of Damocles!



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