Putting Hard drive into a newer tower

  drivennuts 23:47 25 Nov 2010

Hi all.

Can any of you help please.

I've taken my hard drive out of my old tower and put it into a newer tower but when I went to restart the newer tower a blue screen came up with an error message..

***STOP:0x00000007B, 0xF7A45528 etc etc

Now I rang Microsoft for some help but they told me what I'm doing is illegal. That your not allowed to put your hard drive into another tower with out first purchasing another OS and licence key. I've never been told that before and I've got help from Microsoft many a time.. Are they correct??

Please can someone tell me how to sort the hard drive out

  Devil Fish 00:07 26 Nov 2010

this question could be twofold

1) If you have an OEM license (origional Equipment Manufacturer) then it is only valid for the origional machine it was installed on wich means MS are correct
you would need a retail version to move it across machines

2) if you have stuck the drive in a new machine without removing drivers from the old machine this may be causing a conflict hence the blue screen
it is always advisable to do a clean install when tranfering to new hardware

hope this is of some help D

  rdave13 00:11 26 Nov 2010

If your version of XP was OEM in your old PC then you cannot transfer that version to a new PC. OEM ("original equipment manufacturer") license expires with the old PC.
The reason you get the STOP errors is that the hard drive does not contain the new drivers that are needed for the motherboard and other hardware.
It's a new system.
You should backup any photos, docs ,favorites and music etc from the hard drive whilst in the old machine, if you can, at first.
To install the hard drive in the new PC you will need another operating system to format and install, then, you will need to install the motherboard drivers and drivers for other hardware which should have been supplied with the new tower.

  drivennuts 00:18 26 Nov 2010

Thanks guys.. much appreciated :)

I'll give those a try.

  drivennuts 00:21 26 Nov 2010

Oh quick question.. what if I put the hardware from my old tower into the newer tower (then the only thing that would be different is the motherboard and ram.
Oh and I don't have any of the drivers for the hardware etc in the newer tower as I bought it second hand

  lotvic 00:32 26 Nov 2010

Is there a sticker on your old tower with a product key on? a xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx (5 groups of 5 letters and numbers)
***DON'T post them on here though for all to see!***

also if you have a sticker compare it with these pictures to identify the type of licence you have click here

  Devil Fish 00:33 26 Nov 2010

if you do a clean install of the o/s then that should pick up most of the drivers

the most likley omissions will be drivers for 3rd party devices sound card printers scanners etc

to find these go to manufacturers website

  lotvic 00:44 26 Nov 2010

Also you need to know the Product Key that is being used - if it was a factory pre-activated install the key will be different to the one on the sticker. Use stand alone program SIW that will give you the key in use and all the info you need click here
What make/model is your old computer?

  drivennuts 01:26 26 Nov 2010

My old computer is a gateway. the hard drives in it are one's I installed last year. Never had this problem when I installed them into my old computer. I have the product key for the newer tower.

My old computer doesn't have a sticker on the side of it.. Microsoft gave me the licence key about 6yrs ago.

  birdface 07:45 26 Nov 2010

A lot of the same sort of problems on Google but none of them because of a licence that was needed.

click here

  lotvic 11:05 26 Nov 2010

I tend to think it is wrong Motherboard drivers that are problem as you did install with key provided by microsoft.
I think what you have to do is uninstall the old mobo drivers before you put the HDD into new tower
I did a google for, windows xp change motherboard without reinstall click here
and from wiki.answers.com came up with:
To change a motherboard without reinstalling Windows XP it is fairly simple. There are 2 methods:

1. Repair Method - Shut down Windows, replace motherboard, boot from Windows Install CD, select the Repair option, windows will replace your hardware profile and redetect all the hardware. Disadvantage of this method is that it takes a bit time and you might need to do the Windows Updates again as the repair usually replaces system files by the original ones in the CD.

2. No Hassle Method - Go to Device Manager, change the IDE controller to Standard Microsoft IDE Controler, shut down Windows, replace motherboard, start computer. Windows show detect your new hardware automatically and because it will not try to use your old motherboard IDE Controller you won't get a blue screen 99% of the time. It is possible you get the bluescreen for some other reason though and in that case just use the repair method.

I strongly suggest you do a backup of all your stuff and if possible make a clone or image of existing HDD on a different HDD so that you can 'go back' to before you altered anything.
If it was me doing it that is what I would do first.

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