Putting DVD-RAM onto DVD-R

  Ben 216 23:21 30 Mar 2006

Hi, I bought a panasonic DVD recorder a couple of months ago, and have recorded some tv programmes I would like to keep on DVD-R. The quality is ok from the RAM, but when i used NeroVision to put it onto DVD-R it recoded and now is blocky. Other than recording to the RAM at higher quality how else can I get the video from RAM format to DVD-R? I'm looking for free programs if poss, but would spend a little if I could get something that does it well.


  Ben 216 09:58 01 Apr 2006


  dms05 10:03 01 Apr 2006

I assume you did the copying on your PC. Is your PC DVD Burner actually DVD-RAM compliant? If it isn't you could be creating the problems at the 'read' rather than 'write' stage.

  ACOLYTE 10:08 01 Apr 2006

I dont know if this app will do what you want it isnt cheap but there is a trail version,click here

  Ben 216 12:07 01 Apr 2006

Myburner wouldn't read the disc so I bought a new DVD ROM which can. I can use get the files from the DVD-RAM to hard disk by dragging and dropping, but then have nothing that will convert the .VRO file to .VOB, other than NeroVision which recodes and loses quality.

I will check the link, thanks.

  Boluwd 14:01 01 Apr 2006

I have the Panny DMR E65 recorder where I transfer old VHS onto the DVD Ram disk or copy from the Sky Plus recordings. I trialled the TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 program, found it to be just what I wanted and decided to buy it. I paid 68 US$.

See link below
click here

My Panny will also record direct to DVD-R but recording to RAM does allow editing. See if you can trial the TMPGEnc program.

  Ben 216 21:41 01 Apr 2006

I have only had time to have a brief look at the other link, my DVD-Writer doesn't write to RAM, hence having to buy another ROM, but I can edit the DVD-RAM on my standalone recorder. Thanks for the advice I will check both links out.

  Ben 216 23:00 02 Apr 2006

My standalone recorder is the DMR ES20, and for the same reason as Bol Uwd I don't record directly to DVD-R. My writer is an NEC 35xxA and my ROM is an LG 8164B. (To avoid confusion I will refer to my PC dvd burner as a "writer" and standalone as "recorder")

  Ben 216 13:07 26 Apr 2006

Have eventually got a chance to download and play with TMPEG Enc. Excellent results first time and almost idiot proof! There's a new version now, V2, with a few changes to the GUI, but otherwise pretty much the same.

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