Putting a box around text

  Benid 19:48 01 Feb 2006

Sorry if this sounds too easy but I cannot seem to get my head around this in Word 2000. I simply wish to draw a box around a section of text in a document. How do I do this? Many thanks.

  csqwared 19:51 01 Feb 2006

Not sure if Word 2000 works in the same way but if you go to View/Toolbars and tick "Drawing" a new too; bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Select the rectangle and draw your box and position it. If covers up the text go to Draw/Order and select "Send behind text". Thats Word 97 by the way.


  woodchip 19:52 01 Feb 2006

In Menu Look For Text Box or Create Text Box

  csqwared 19:52 01 Feb 2006

too; bar?? try tool bar.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:52 01 Feb 2006

I think:


text box

then drag the box by the corners to the size y ou want and paste in the text.

That's how I used to do it I think...

  csqwared 19:55 01 Feb 2006

You could also have a look here click here

  csqwared 19:59 01 Feb 2006

This is also a double post see here click here. Not really the way to do things Benid.


  TonyV 20:17 01 Feb 2006

Follow what Diodorus Siculus has said and either cut and paste the text you want or type directly into the Text Box. You can also Format that Text Box, i.e you could put a shadow on the end and bottom by clicking on the Shadow Icon in the Draw tool bar. plus you can centre the text within the box by clicking on the alignment buttons. It seems limitless!


  VoG II 20:23 01 Feb 2006

Or select your text, Format|Borders and Shading.

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