Putting Analogue Video on to DVD - whats needed ?

  TTP 21:30 11 Mar 2004

I need to start putting my old analogue camcorder videos on to DVD now that I have most of the tools to do it.What else do I need ? I have got :- P4 3.06 HT , DVD re-writer , blank DVD-Rs (tested) , Pinnacle Instant CD+DVD , camcorder with twin RCA Outputs(yellow & white) with the suitable leads or an RF adaptor and cable combined that came with the camera. I have 1 PCI slot vacant and some time free.Obviosly money is not abundant (I got this PC cheap) , your suggestions will be welcome..

  LastChip 22:21 11 Mar 2004

It sounds as though you need a way of connecting your camcorder to the PC. For one example click here

You may prefer a video capture card (Firewire) if your camcorder supports it.

There is another issue though. How much room have you on your hard drive? Because transferring video files will eat hard drive space. Further, if your hard drive does not have at least one partition formatted as NTFS, you will be limited to a maximum single file size of 4GBts. This equates to about 15 -30 minutes of video, depending on the settings you select. The lower the quality, the longer you can record to disc.

  edstowe 08:05 12 Mar 2004

There have been several threads about this in the past few days. Have a zoom through recent postings.

  scotty 08:37 12 Mar 2004

You mention your "old analogue camcorder". Do you have (or intend to get) a new digital camcorder? Some of these have analogue pass through facilities. These allow you to play analogue video through you digital camcorder and use the digital camcorder to pass digital video to the pc. (Also, if your analogue tapes are 8mm or Hi8, you may wish to consider a digital8 camcorder which has the ability to play your old analogue tapes). Digital camcorders transfer video to pc by firewire connection.

The other factor to consider is how you want the video to appear on the DVD. Do you just want to transfer all your tapes over without editing or do you want to remove the junk, add DVD style menus and create your own film masterpiece? If it is the latter, you will need editing software such as Pinnacle Studio ot ULead.

  TTP 17:08 12 Mar 2004

I forgot to mention new 120Gb Hdd will be in soon. Cheers , I also forgot to march back through previous posts like we're supposed to-DOH!What format would the WINTV PCI CARD use to save files ?

  pj123 17:48 12 Mar 2004

Although I am not doing "old camcorder analogue" videos on to DVD I am trying to get old Beta tapes on to DVD and with lots of help from MichelleC have nearly acheived that goal. I have Dazzle Fusion (comes with Pinnacle Studio 8 but can be updated to ver 8.12) from click here £49 which connects to USB port and will accept almost any input device.

  roy 18:36 12 Mar 2004


Have just looked at your link and Amazon have Pinnacle Studio 9 as well as Dazzle Fusion which has Pinnacle Studio Quickstart.The question is is the former the best solution and does it come with hardware connecting to Usb port. Also does it need USB 2.0?


  TTP 22:56 12 Mar 2004

I have USB2.0 (x6), have looked at the link , looks a likely solution (i presume the software that comes with it deals with file formats/dvd burning/saving etc ?) and I shall monitor the price on other sites (kelkoo.com etc). On a diff. note - PJ123 - welcome back , I have a lot more questions - like why is the BIOS in my new machine less informative than my old machine(4 yrs old) , and can I o/clock this chip ? Oh-well I got flu ,its late,I'll log in tomorrow to check on things otherwise; g'night people........

  pj123 12:00 13 Mar 2004

roy/TTP. Well the kit I got had everything needed in the box to install and connect to the PC. It works perfectly, and, no it doesn't need USB 2.0 I don't have a DVD recorder yet (that's the subject of another thread) but I am putting them on to CD as VCDs. Have only done 1 3hour tape so far because it takes an awful long time from start to finish (I reckon about 7 hours). The only problem I have encountered so far is the Sound Sync seems to be slightly ahead of lip movement. I am told by Pinnacle that ver 8.12 (free download)will correct that, unfortunately, I haven't been able to find ver 8.12 on their site yet.

  TTP 15:27 13 Mar 2004

Thanks for that last point , I think i'll hang back on that Pinnacle problem for the moment. I'll close the thread but if you get the update for 8.12(i'll look too); post onto this thread when you're fixed ..

  pj123 13:31 14 Mar 2004

Just found this on Google. Worth a read, although I must say I don't agree with reader reviews. Yes, I agree it is time consuming but everything has to be done in real time. I did find an update for ver 8.12 (not on the pinnacle site) but it says ver8.12.2 beta. It is reputed to come from Pinnacle, I downloaded it but it made no difference to the sync problem. What is needed is some form of splitting the audio track from the video track and "moving" it back a bit.

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