Putting Ad-aware, Spy-bot etc. onto CD or CD-RW

  bloo meeny 00:39 16 Apr 2004

Put simply, a friend has just got his first internet connection up & running.

He is completely new to the 'net so on his PC, I want to install.....
Ad-aware, Spybot S&D, SpywareBlaster , ZoneAlarm firewall and AVG free edition - all of which I use together successfully.

As he is on dial-up (and a time-limited connection), I thought it would be preferable to put these onto a CD/CD-RW to save time & hassle.
I think ZoneAlarm and AVG were on coverdisks (if I can find them) but they might be old versions and not upgradeable.

Anyone advise on if this is possible please?
I am going on Sunday so any replies by Saturday evening, much appreciated ?

bloo meeny

(Sorry if it's been asked before, but I didn't want to confuse the on-site search engine !!)

  hugh-265156 00:57 16 Apr 2004

download adaware(full install) and also the latest reference update(reflist.ref) from click here

download spybot 1.2 and the latest detection and tools updates from click here.

burn all to a cdr.

install spybot and then install the updates and tools by running the includes.exe and tools.exe on your disc.this will bring it up to date at time of download.

install adaware then unzip the reflist.ref zip(update) and cut and paste it into the lavasoft program file directory and its all up to date(as of the 16 apr anyway)

  hugh-265156 01:02 16 Apr 2004


zonealarm click here also burn to disc.

avg click here fill out the info and download it.you will be sent an email with the serial no. also save this to disc as a text file and cut and paste the serial into avg when installing it.

another good one is spywareblaster click here works well with everything above.

  cycoze 01:03 16 Apr 2004

You have answered for yourself , best to download to make sure you have the most recent versions .

Spybot-S-D click here .

Ad-aware freeclick here .

SpywareBlaster 3.1 click here .

ZoneAlarm click here .

AVG Free click here , dont forget to have your friends email address handy for the registration etc .

Remember to update them all once installed.

  bloo meeny 01:04 16 Apr 2004

Thanks for that, I'll tick as resolved.

Anyone else welcome to add before Sunday 18th.

  cycoze 01:04 16 Apr 2004

Cross post with huggyg71 , sorry .

  bloo meeny 01:07 16 Apr 2004

Thanks huggyg71 (again !) SpywareBlaster was on my list :)
Thanks also cycoze.

  byfordr 10:11 16 Apr 2004

May be worth adding these while you are at it

CoolWebShredder & killme, kazaa begone, startup list, hijack click here
click here

start page guard click here

Also a trip to Microshaft for all their latest and old bandwith sucking updates. (Most importantly the blaster patch!)

click here for shoot the messenger (and other download if you are so inclined q comment from GANDALF <|:-)>)

Also if you are feeling really nice utilities like itunes or the latest Adobe reader.


  lamda 15:39 16 Apr 2004

into my postings

  TommyRed 16:16 16 Apr 2004

As a lot of my friends are still on dial-up and I'm on BB I burn all programs that I download and sometimes one that someone might want onto CD-R so I can use them at friends houses. Mailwasher, Aida32, dBpowerAMP etc I keep this as a multi-session disc as the programs on it will still work while it is open. HTH TR

  bloo meeny 23:56 16 Apr 2004

Thanks byfordr & TommyRed.

Yes, I'll probably make up a CD-R as you suggest tomorrow evening Tommy. Mind you, I don't want to load my friend up with too much at once (I remember how confusing it was for me at first).

He just knows about 'google' and that's a start :)

I cannot help him further on the phone as I have no details on his pc configuration, other than Win98SE.

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