Put W7 on gf's laptop-an it slow it down?

  buel 23:21 22 Jun 2009

Hi, i recentlyput W7 on my gf's HP Pavilion Dv-4 Laptop (i made a partition)that has 2gb Ram and she claims that it is intermittently slowing down(page cannot be displayed etc), could this because of W7?
Ps- She has running in the bottom right hand corner: Win patrol, avg, adaware, touchpad, o2 broadband assistant and our epson printer icon is there too, also i noticed that in winpatrol 'services' window it has such things as these running: 'Hp healthcheck service', 'Lightscribe service direct disk labeling service', 'Nero back it up scheduler 3' etc etc, would these programmes be slowing it down too please?

  woodchip 23:37 22 Jun 2009

HP Laptops have also a lot of things Running in the background what you cannot see nor turn off, as its a Laptop. Your best bet would be to delete the Partition with W7 on it using Windows Disc Manager.

PSD HP Laptop I use one

  buel 07:22 23 Jun 2009

Thanks for that! So W7 could possibly slow it down? Even though it's on a partition?
And am i able to stop/delete those progs that are running in the background that i named?
Thanks for the link, it says her laptop potential ram is 8gb but when i run the crucial scanner it says the maximum her laptop is able to use is the 2gb she already has?

  woodchip 13:32 23 Jun 2009

With a Laptop she would not get any benefit by having more ram

  OTT_Buzzard 13:45 23 Jun 2009

The W7 RC (and beta) are both Ultimate Editions that have a lot of services running all the time.

You could try disabling a bunch of them in services.msc and effectively 'downgrade' it to the equivelant of a Home Premium release. That may help, but you do also have a lot of tasks running.

Use msconfig to prevent things like the lightscribe control panel and nero backitup from loading at startup (unless they're everytime the laptop is switched on).

  buel 16:31 23 Jun 2009

wow, thanks for that, that is extremely interesting! i didn't realise having w7 on a partition could affect the way vista ran on the main h.d!! thank you!
ps-i will use msconfig later to disable some of the services that she doesn't need! God im shocked that adding ram wouldn't help!

  DieSse 16:55 23 Jun 2009

"So W7 could possibly slow it down? Even though it's on a partition?"

It can't slow it down if you're not using it. Impossible.

To speed Vista up you need to concentrate on the things running under Vista.

To speed up W7 you need to concentrate on the things running under W7 . they don't interact.

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