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  Z1100 01:10 07 Dec 2006

You sound like you know stuff about staff so I hope I can bend your ear for a responce, please.

On that 'Silktide Sitescore' site I just ran my URL through it and it has given a wealth of information, which is nice. But only if you know what to do with it.

Here is a list of 'stuff' that it said.

Good / bad points

This website does not appear to have been programmed correctly. (LOL, yes ok I done that... Lets not worry)

Very few websites appear to link to this website, making it extremely hard to find. (True, Good, pertinant links are hard to come by in my line of work but maybe I am wrong)

This website appears to be rarely visited. (It is 4 months old, should I worry?)

This website makes no apparent use of interactivity throughout. (By design, I only need people to e-mail me though I would prefer forms. Any suggestions?)

This website appears to be in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act. (Yes, I know that and at risk of sounding crass, it is not a major concern right now)

This website is very quick to respond (Yippee!)

Design makes proper use of modern technology (no table-based layout) (Is that good, I think it is)

It also complains that I do not use CSS. Well that's big boys toys and I doubt I can afford Dreamweaver.

My point is, does that look like a bad report and should I worry, I wasn't 'till I went there...?


  AndySD 05:19 07 Dec 2006

Dont worry about it too much, I put in one web site I manage that gets between 3000 and 4000 hits a month and the report says

Very few websites appear to link to this website, making it extremely hard to find .... I know there are 100's of links to the site.

We took the top 3 phrases and searched for them in Google, along with your website/company name.

No matches on Google were found at all.

Ummmm....putting in one of the terms they state puts the website as the first link in Google.

No automated site checker is perfect but they can give you some guidelines to help you.

  PurplePenny 09:29 07 Dec 2006

As Andy says the Silktide report is automated so it picks up on things that are not really a big deal.

On the subject of links Silktide says that my (home) site has plentyof links. In fact I think that there are only a couple of other sites with real links to mine but it is in DMOZ and an awful lot of small sites add a DMOZ based list in their "contacts" section so it does indeed seem that there are hundreds of links to us.

I'm not sure how they define "rarely visited". Is in comparison to busy sites like Amazon or the BBC? If so any small site will be rarely visited.

You *should* worry about being in violation of the DDA if your site offers a service or is commercial. Making a site accessible also makes it usable for others. Do you really want to force 10% or more of your potential traffic to go elsewhere.

The inetractivity comment annoys me. I get that for my home site, which is e-commerce. How much more interactive do they want? Buying stuff online is pretty interactive.

No table based layouts is good.

Why don't you want to use CSS? It isn't "big boys toys" at all and you don't need Dreamweaver to write it. What are you using?

Silktide reports are a useful tool but they have been critisised (as have all automated validators and reporters) for putting negative comments in the report which aren't really warrented (for instance one site got the "in breach of DDA" report when it only had a single unescaped ampersand).

  Z1100 11:57 07 Dec 2006


I thought I was a dunce there for a minute.

I use (and don't be wagging that finger in dismay) MS Publisher for no particular reason and I am fully aware of the popularity it has. For now it must suffice.

Interesting that you say CSS are possible without bigger toys. I might be interested in that if I knew what CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) were apart from three words ;) If there is a tool I should look at feel free to point my nose in the direction to find it.

I am, let us say concerned about the DDA reference but I think it will have to stay on the list for now as I am sure most of the site complies.

The score of 4.7 may be my greatest concern. Not having anything to compare the score with though makes it difficult to be more objective about re-design, hence following your advice from another thread and testing the site.

In the mean time thank you (both) for your time and reply.

Kind Regards &


  brundle 16:47 07 Dec 2006

I have extremely limited knowledge of HTML and needed a couple of pointers regarding CSS - I found this very useful click here

Then again I am using NVU and not Publisher - no idea how you incorporate CSS into a Publisher document/webpage.

  Forum Editor 17:05 07 Dec 2006

about automated site analysis tools - I don't.

CSS is simply a means to an end, and is probably the single most helpful tool you can use. It enables you to make site-wide changes without having to flog through each page individually, and you should definitely be making use of it. You'll need to change from MS Publisher though.

  Z1100 17:54 07 Dec 2006


I have searched the Forum for more advice. PurplePenny you seem to shout loudest when it comes to building pages mentioning, Serif PagePlus, Nvu, Hand Coding (yikes) and several tutorial sites with FE hot on your heels keeping the Nay Sayers at bay.

With that in mind and the fact that I have a site running that I actually like the look of, is there any program out there that will suck the site down and give me some of the work as a head start? Should I accept the fact that I may need to start with a blank sheet and try to re-create the aesthetics of the original site?


  Z1100 17:58 07 Dec 2006

Serif 8 is there for a Tenner. Is that a bargain?
Not all later versions of software are better, Acronis7 being a good example of older is better.
Oh, and me, version 41... Older is better ;)


  Forum Editor 18:15 07 Dec 2006

to 'suck' your Publisher site down. Start afresh, preferably with NetObjects Fusion, or Pageplus. I used to recommend MS FrontPage, and it's still a very powerful programme, but Microsoft is discontinuing it for a new programme, and until that settles down I wouldn't get involved.

Try to get your hands on NetObjects Fusion if you can, and jump onto the learning curve. You'll be glad you did it. Don't bother with hand-coding just now - it's not necessary with modern WYSIWYG programmes, and you can always work on learning it later.

  PurplePenny 20:47 07 Dec 2006

If Serif 8 is WebPlus8 then it would be a good one to get started with and at £10 it isn't going to break the bank.

I recall FE mentioning on another thread that NetObjects Fusion was on a PCA cover disc a few months ago so that is worth checking.

Nvu, the WYSIWYG brundle is using, is free. Do follow brundle's link to W3Schools: they have some really good beginner's tutorials on there which will help you to understand what CSS does.

  Z1100 15:56 09 Dec 2006

Serif :P

I will thank you for now and hound you later...


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