Purple/Green lines on screen

  paul654 10:18 04 May 2009

I have a Mesh PC with Asus A7N8X motherboard, Ati 9800 Pro 128 mb graphics, 3GB Ram.
Purple or Green lines have begun to appear on my desktop. They run horrizontal and vertical and when I move things about on the desktop I have 'refill' problems and the lines tend to get thicker. I've removed/cleaned/replaced the graphics card and checked all my connections are tight. Any ideas ?

  johndrew 11:26 04 May 2009

It could be the graphics card failing. One thing you could try, if you have a second slot for graphics cards, is to put the card in that and see if it helps at all.

I suppose there is no chance that there could be a source of static affecting the card? This may also cause problems.

  Stuartli 11:27 04 May 2009

It could also be the PSU failing or one that is not powerful enough for the graphics card.

  MESH Support 10:36 06 May 2009

It does sound like the video card is failing or overheating.

As a test, you could try having the side of the case off with a desk fan blowing into the case (angle from the front of the case towards the back if possible). Obviously you shouldn't run your system normally in this fashion but it should be sufficient for you to then test the card's output.

If it continues I would almost certainly say the card is failing/has failed and needs replacing. If the problem has gone then you may have a failing video card fan or dust build up in the case you need to clear up. It's also possible if you have a fan on the back of the case to extract hot air that it too is failing or has stopped.


  DieSse 10:40 06 May 2009

A common fault is that the small fan on the graphics card itself has failed or is running slow.

You'll need to look at it to check.

  birdface 11:07 06 May 2009

Check device Manager to see if any exclamation marks beside Display drivers,

  woodchip 11:33 06 May 2009

Also as above if it as a power supply for the Monitor a LCD then this could also be the problem if volts etc are adrift. but first check the card

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