Pure One DAB Radio Help Please.

  Big L 266 14:54 28 Jul 2009


Thanks to the kindness of many people in here,I settled on a Pure One White DAB Radio which duly turned up today.It was a midway point between the most expensive and cheapest suggestions.I settled on this one as it should've best solved my problems of DAB on a portable radio.

I have scanned for DAB in the bedroom, bathroom, kichen and front room of my bungalow several times each,and also outside in my front and back garden and it doesn't pick up ANY DAB stations!I can just about get R1,2,3,4, Heart, Classic FM and Tulip Radio on FM here in my bedroom & front room.

Do you have any cheap solutions to improve the DAB signal on this Pure One radio please? An external aerial would cost £160 to buy and install and isn't an option.

Would I be able to link my computer to the DAB radio via the internet and a short-range FM transmitter? Any viable cheap solutions welcome!

Thank you very much for any help you can give this poor old fella!Its not like the old days of a 75Kw AM transmitter broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea when things were so much simpler!

Big L 266

  Big L 266 14:58 28 Jul 2009

I forgot to say I live in Spalding, Lincolnshire which is a kind of 'radio void' area!

  Fingees 15:10 28 Jul 2009

Go to

click here

This will tell you if you can receive it

  tullie 15:14 28 Jul 2009

In my opinion,if you are in a poor reception area,you wont pick up DAB.Otheres may advise better.Did you check before you bought the radio?

  Big L 266 15:31 28 Jul 2009

I did indeed check with the various websites about DAB reception before I even thought about which radio to purchase.I knew I would get a few plus the BBC ones. What is so odd with this is that my 5 year old Intempo can get many DAB stations but it only works on the windowsill in the kitchen and isn't portable. When I aligned my Pure One in exactly the same way as the Intempo,it picked up nothing.

At least I can some station on FM though.This is problem being in a bungalow surrounded by houses, Churches and two large businesses.

Perhaps in time a DAB booster transmitter might be installed in Spalding. After all,my internet connection is 6.1 to 7.2kbps and my T-Mob mobile works better than a landline phone.Do good things come in threes I ask?

  Fingees 16:49 28 Jul 2009

It may be worth trying an external aerial.

I live in a none reception area, but my neighbors use an external aerial pointing at a tranmitter some miles away, and get it ok

  johndrew 16:50 28 Jul 2009

Is there any way you can slave the aerial into your TV aerial? It may well provide the signal strength you need.

Failing that you could try a piece of wire strung across a room to see if there is a decent signal available. Large buildings, especially the modern metal supported ones with a lot of racking in them, make very good signal blockers.

  mooly 17:35 28 Jul 2009

DAB is broadcast on what used to be the old 405line TV bands with vertical polarisation (the aerial should be vertical not horizontal)
DAB works best (designed to) if it can receive signals from different transmitters so aerials are normally not directional, but for problem areas a directional one can be fitted pointing at the transmitter. Usually work quite well in lofts too, all things considered of course.
Dab aerials are cheap and easy to install if you are at all DIY handy,
click here=

  mooly 17:40 28 Jul 2009

I think the first picture in the above link is wrong, the first one is an "omnidirectional" single rod aerial.

  laurie53 20:35 28 Jul 2009

I repeat the advice I gave in your other thread - get yourself an internet radio!

Or forget linking your computer to your DAB radio, and link it to your audio system, and subscribe to Reciva.

If the DAB signal is not there in the first place the best antenna in the world will not boost it.

I live line of sight to Edinburgh, just 30 miles straight across the Forth, but the DAB (and FM) signal is rubbish.

  Big L 266 10:15 29 Jul 2009


Thanks very much for all your kind help.I am reboxing my new £50 Pure radio and storing it until such a time as DAB gets to Spalding.In the meantime,I will have to rely on a £9.99 small Sony FM/AM radio bought from Argos which does pick up BBC Radio!I believe the Pure to be a waste of money now.

Laurie33 I'm going to look at the internet radio you suggested and see whats involved and also look into Reciva as well.

To think all I wanted was a bedside battery operated DAB radio to go to sleep with and wake up gently to the next morning!

I appreciate all your help.

Thank you.

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