Purchasing video card - which? ( Dell - XP)

  Stressed Mum 13:48 02 Feb 2008

Regretably it looks as though I'm into spending yet more money on this computer. Have just purchased a wonderful new monitor (HP w2207h) but would appear to need a video card as well now to get the best from the monitor. Do I have to buy a Dell one, or will any model be ok - not sure how these cards work - I guess they are fitted to the CPU somehow, also, if I buy a video card and have it fitted will it then enable the HDMI set up too? Can anyone suggest if something like this click here
will suffice? Operating Windows XP Dell Dimension 5150. Kids - gaming etc want to get best graphics!! Many thanks in advance. SM

  lisa02 13:54 02 Feb 2008

The graphics card connects into a slot on the motherboard.

click here for the details of the Dell 5150. It seems it will have a PCI express slot so the AGP one in your link will not work.

  lisa02 13:58 02 Feb 2008

Oh I'd recommend at least an 256mb 8600GT

  silverous 14:08 02 Feb 2008

Why do you need a new video card to get best from monitor?

  Stressed Mum 14:18 02 Feb 2008

Thanks all for your responses - being a complete novice at viedo cards I appreciate your advice. The monitor requires a resolution of 1680x1050 for optimum graphics quality - my pc does not support that. Also, my pc does not have a HDMI connection. Kids telling me that it's not as good as it should be!

  bretsky 14:44 02 Feb 2008

FYI, HDMI explained at click here

There's a video explanation on the above link.


bretsky ;0)

  Stressed Mum 15:02 02 Feb 2008

Thanks for video link. My query was really if when I purchase a graphics/video card will there then be a HDMI connection? Been looking at Dells cards for a compatible Interfact for Dell diemsnion 5150 PCIe slot - like this click here and would like to be sure that this will not only increase the resolution settings but allow use of the HD media interface. Obviously the monitor is equipped to use this HDMI but my PC is not! Feel like I am getting somewhere at the moment - understand now that this 'card' slots into the back of my PC Tower - would I need a tech guy to do that for me?

  peter99co 15:05 02 Feb 2008

I have just had installed NVIDIA GeFORCE 8500 GT pci-express by Sparkle and its outstanding and designed for XP And Vista (256mb ddr2 hdtv dvi hdcp) I then disabled on board video. I think a bit of help from a competant persom is required to fit and set-up though. On vista my base score has gone up from 1 to 4.1

  Stressed Mum 15:23 02 Feb 2008

? Haven't a clue what that is - but your set up has obviously improved dramatically since your new installation. Can you tell please - were you previously running your monitor without HDMI and 'just' the standard graphics settings within your PC.

  Totally-braindead 15:32 02 Feb 2008

I have to point out that I personally have not seen HDMI working on a PC so I cannot say how good it is. But although the optimum for your monitor is 1680 x 1050 theres nothing that says you have to use that resolution. My monitor for example is optimum 1280 x 1024 I think it is but I run it at 1024 x 768.
If you want a graphics card for games I think the Asus 7300GT is just not good enough, you really need a minimum of something like the 8600GT mentioned by lisa02. click here
Now the card above does say it has an HD output but I don't know if thats the same as an HDMI or not.

As for fitting it, its not that differcult but if you haven't worked inside a PC before you'd really be better getting someone to fit it for you.

  MCE2K5 16:53 02 Feb 2008

This one has HDMI Output, click here

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