Purchasing processor soon

  Adam Patrick 18:51 11 Jan 2005

Hi there
I am thinking of buying a new processor and have heard that for certain programs it is important to have a large L2 cache (1MB) and also a fast Bus speed (800-1600MHz). Is this true? The processor is basically for database/number crunching style games like Football Manager 2005. Also, it says in my motherboard manual that it supports Socket A Athlon processors ("and future Socket A processors based on 200/266MHz") Does that limit the processor I can buy?

  Rayuk 19:05 11 Jan 2005

200/266 processors,the latest processors are now 333/400 so you may have to check with the motherboard manufacturers website to see maximum it will take.I think 2400+ is the maximum available[there was a 2600+ but near impossible to get]Try ebuyer.co.uk.
Forget about the cache and bus speed as you are limited to what your present motherboard can take.

  Rayuk 19:12 11 Jan 2005

£61 for a 2400+ [266] at that rate may be a better option to look for new motherboard ram and Sempron processor for a little extra cost.

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