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  russellT1307 14:37 29 Oct 2012

I am deliberating as to whether I will purchase the new Microsoft Surface Wifi tablet and as I am visiting the US shortly it would seem to make sense to purchase it there as it will be that much cheaper than in the UK. However, is there ANY reason for me not to do this? will I have any sort of compatibility problems or is the key board different etc??

  Woolwell 15:44 29 Oct 2012

You will need to check whether the warranty extends to UK and how difficult it would be to return it if there was a fault. Will the charger have the correct plug (although an adaptor will suffice). Be prepared to pay customs tax on it when you bring it in.

  Ian in Northampton 17:58 29 Oct 2012

What Woolwell said. It should be declared on return to the UK and will be subject to tax and duty - which may make it less of a bargain. Warranty may well be an issue. I'm always shocked at how geographically restrictive many household name companies' warranty terms are. Just because MS (or Dell or HP...) is a worldwide company doesn't mean your warranty is valid worldwide. Yes, you could get an adapter for the power supply - a bit of a pain, but do-able. And: I'm not sure how Windows is implemented on the Surface - or whether you get the same ability that you do in desktop Windows to configure languages, keyboards and so on. I'd certainly think hard about it. Oh, and don't forget - advertised US prices are generally subject to local sales tax which, depending on the state, can be between 5% and 8%. Put it like this: it's not necessarily the 'no brainer' good idea you might think.

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