Pulling my hair out (cpu & Mboards)

  moodboom 22:09 06 Dec 2006

I decided to buy a MSI S754 VIA K8M800 MATX A L motherboard and an AMD Sempron 3400+ 256 kb to go with it. Put it into current PC and no life at all. Fans go round but no life from HDD or monitor. Bought a new PSU in case old one wasn't powerful enough. Got a DabsValue 480W PSU Gold 12cm SATA PFC after reading it's great reviews and yes it seems very good but still no life. So after many trials I decided to try another brand new mobo. This time I bought a Gigabyte VIA K8M800M Socket 754 MATX Audio / LAN / RAID and put it into a different case. Same prob. I have just bought another CPU (same type) and STILL no joy. I am getting no life from HDD (green light on) or monitor. Only signs of life is PSU fan. (CPU fan not turning). Video is on board. I have tried many different types of DIMM now too in each combo and I am earthed each time I swap. Oh and I tried it outside the case too.

If anybody has any ideas I'd be greatful. This is not the first time I've put a new mobo & cpu in and usually it's a hitch-free process.

Apologies if I'm being thick.

Cheers all.

  woodchip 22:12 06 Dec 2006

Your computer will not Start from The Hard Drive if you have not done a Clean Install. As all the drivers are for old Hardware. If you get a boot screen then the above is the problem. If you get nothing come back

  Stuartli 22:17 06 Dec 2006

If you are using XP ensure that the Bios is set to Boot from CD and do a Repair XP.

XP doesn't always take to a new motherboard and this overcomes it - settings, configuration, programs etc will be retained.

Follow details of how to Repair XP (to save typing it out) at:

click here

  johnem 22:43 06 Dec 2006

Great info Stuartli, thanks.

  daxian 23:22 06 Dec 2006

hi moodboom ....the new board and processor will need the extra 4 pin power supply plugged in to get it working ....hope this helps ..Dave

  moodboom 23:54 06 Dec 2006

I get no life (post?)on screen at all so cannot get into bios even if wanted to. The clean install / driver prob makes sense but how can I rectify that if can't get any life out of PC? DO i need to have a cd-rom plugged in for the computer to think that's what I want to do?

DAXIAN - the MSI board had the 4 pin PSU socket and a longer main power socket. For the Gigabyte board there is no 4 pin socket and I even had to detach the removable "extra bit" off the main power lead for it to fit the power socket.

Anymore suggs guys. Cheers lots.

  rupie 23:56 06 Dec 2006

If each mobo and psu and cpu will not work at all, whatever the combonation then there is a hardware non compatability issue. daxian may be right and so check the power sitiation. we are talking hardware basics and so we are not getting as far as the HDD and OS. the bios will display something even if it does not like what it tries to boot to. If you have bought a replacement for everything then it will be a compatability issue and not a faulty unit isssue

  rupie 00:03 07 Dec 2006

I posted my opinion after yours but I am sure that the fault is a hardware one and we have not got to a OS problem. a bois will try to bot to floppy as default but at least it will try to tell you and if nothing happens then we need to look at the hardware basix

  moodboom 00:09 07 Dec 2006

Ok Rupie, but i have 2 PSUs 2 identical CPUs and 2 socket 754 mobos. I have tried each permutation but will do so one more time <sob>.

When trying this outside of a casing, with mobo and psu lying alone there is obviously no case power switch jumper connection. Should the system boot regardless of that missing connection?


  rupie 01:17 07 Dec 2006

the mobo should talk to the processor, even if nothing else is connected. plugging a gfx card to the mobo should at least bring something up up even in VGA. The BIOS will do this even if the Hdd is not connected.If you have backups for each unit and no succcess then I would guesss there is a compatability issue, despite whay people say

  AndySD 01:18 07 Dec 2006

I know this sounds obvious but make sure the Power On/Off connections to the case are correct.

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