pulling my hair out !!!

  Ballie 23:27 25 Jan 2005

My computer just keeps crashing when I play games, the 2 games that are played on it are "Sims 2" and "Medal of Honor Pacific Assault"
It's not the game that crashes back to the desk top its the whole computer, what happens is the screen (game play) freezes and the pc locks up you can not move the mouse and the key board doesn't work and you hear a Brrrr noise out of the speakers, you have to turn the power off and restart.

I know it could be 101 things but I am going mad trying all different things to get it to work, I have set msconfig so that nothing except Norton "ccApp" starts at start-up and I have tried stopping this before game play, I have all the latest drivers for my sound, graphics, chip-set I've also got the latest mother board Bios.

My pc is self built,
Mother board - MSI 6712kt4v (bios ver 1c)
CPU - AMD Athlon Barton 3000+ 333mHz
Ram - DDR 333 PC2700 1280MB (2x512 1x256)
PSU - Q-tec 400w
Graphics - BFG Nvidia Gforce 6600GT 128Mb (AGP)
Sound - SoundBlaster 24bit (and I've tried the on board sound Realtrack AC97)
O/S - Win xp home sp2
C/D Drive - NEC dvd DV5800B
Hard Drive - Weston Dig 120g 8mb cache

All 3rd party software is configured not to start at startup, I have also tried the nvida beta drivers and the ones by omega.

Any ideas would be greatly received as I have spent about 13 hours sitting here today and most of the weekend if I don't get it running soon I think I will be looking at a divorce as well as a faulty pc!

It is 11.30 now and I am going to try and get some sleep so I will check to see if anyone responds in the morning.


  Chezdez 23:30 25 Jan 2005

well, your system spec certainly isn't the problem, you should be able to run both of those games quite easily

are the games legal or illegal?

  Totally-braindead 23:35 25 Jan 2005

Your specs ok so its not that, do other games crash and how long after you start playing the game does it take for them to crash? The first thing that comes to mind is the temperature, is the PC overheating and the other thing that I'd check is the power supply is it supplying enough power? To check the power supply disconnect some of the drives and play the game see if it still crashes. If it doesn't then its not that.

  Totally-braindead 23:37 25 Jan 2005

Oh and for the temperature look on the MSI disk for your motherboard theres a temperature program on that.

  ahales42 23:40 25 Jan 2005

give this a try
click here

home built comps can quite often have mem probs. even with similar sticks.
i had similar probs with crashes. this helped.

Couple of things.

1. It could be heat. Take the side panel off and leave it off. Play game and see if that helps. If you have a house fan aim it towards the inside of the PC>

2. Does your graphics card have a fan on it? If it does - make sure its revolving. It should start as soon as the PC starts up.

3. Power supply. (Not my opininion) but the MSI forums would suggest changing the power supply as they seems to rate Q-Tec as poor voltage wise. Enermax or Tagan PSU seem to be favoured.

Good luck

  georgemac © 08:32 26 Jan 2005

I agree about the power supply - qtec are very poor and it will not be up to it. Check the power ratings from the label on the +5volt +3.3 voly and +12 volt rails - look for the "max" ratings not peak. You will need a strong 12 volt supply for your graphics card.

These are what I consider to be quality psu's and have received good reviews, antec, enermax, tagan, hiper, levicom

hiper are a relative newcomer but I saw a good review and they are lower cost than some of the others.

I am quiet confident an antec 350 watt psu will deliver much more power than your qtec 400 watt.

click here 16A max load on the 12 volt rail - I would not get a power supply with a lower +12v max load rating than this.

If you decide to buy a new antec psu, it may be more cost effective buying an antec case with a psu already fitted - that is what I did when I fitted an msi 6712 and my old psu was not up to the job.

  Ballie 09:01 26 Jan 2005

Morning guys, sorry I didn't post again last night but I needed some sleep. I will try to answer your questions one be one.

Chezdez - both the games are legal, I bought them from "Game" in Bury St Edmounds.

Totally-braindead - sometimes you can only play the games for a few secounds other times they play for 30 minutes or more before it crashes but mostly I would say about 1 or 2 minutes, I did get MOAPA to run for about 20 minutes yesterday but when a lot action was going on it crashed. my cpu temp is 40c I do have a large 75mm artic cooling fan and heat sink with large copper base. The GPU core temp is 33c (tested these while just useing the pc to write this post)and I have tried running the pc with the side off (no change). I will try the psu thing but to be honest I don't mind buying a new psu. can you recomend a good 500w psu?

ahales42 - I will look at this today but I was thinking could there be a problem with the ram I have 3 sticks and they are all differant makes but I thought that if one ram did not work with another then the pc wouldn't boot?

tommo2000 - I don't think it is heat (cpu 40c) yes the pc does have a case fan and a graphics card fan and they are all working, I will look at the msi site to see if I can see anything about my psu, but I will say that the psu I have only has 4 power connectors, and I have 2 x hard drives, 2 x cd/dvd drives 1 x graphics card (needs power connector) and a 1 x case fan which needs connector. I have had to use Y cables to connect them all up.

  Chezdez 09:24 26 Jan 2005

by the sounds of that last comment regarding the amount of power connectors you have, it sounds like that could be a fault. soudns like the power supply was designed with the intention of running a powerful system

try a new PSU

  Chezdez 09:28 26 Jan 2005

sorry, meant to put 'wasn't' not 'was' above

  georgemac © 10:01 26 Jan 2005

click here cheap but same ratings as antec 350 watt (although sold as 600 watt psu) good reviews

click here antec 450 watt - quality you pay for

click here levicom 450 but ratings much as antec 350

click here levicom 500 watt with very impressive 12 volt rating - really important if you will ever upgrade to athlon64 or put in more powerful graphics

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