Publishing (uploading) using Serif WebPlus 7

  xquest 23:39 03 Oct 2006

I'v set up several small web sites (for local churches etc) using Net Objects Fusion. I recently installed & registered WebPlus 7 from the PCA free CD (Jan.2006 issue). Very easy to use and as I don't need more than 10% of the NOF facilities I'm tempted to upgrade to WebPlus 10 (£39.99) and start using that.
But .... I can't get it to upload any data. It creates the directory on my web space but refuses to load anything into it. I get this nessage:
'An error ocurred whilst copying files to the FTP server
Last Command:Uploading file (img2614.jpg) to (/seriftesta/)'
If I try again the img number increments by 1 ie. becomes 2615. And so on.
And Serif support don't reply to my email.
Should I stay with Net Objects Fusion and forget about Serif ? At least NOF respond to queries.
Any comments on this anyone? 01:02 04 Oct 2006

why you would want to pay for another version of Serif Web Plus when you already own NOF. It's not compulsory to use all the facilities, but they are always there if you need them.

Although Serif makes very good software, their WebPlus is not a patch on NOF (not that NOF is perfect). If I were you I'd take your second option, and spend the forty quid on something else.

  Charlie Babbage 09:59 04 Oct 2006

You say that the the error occurred whilst copying files to the FTP server.

Is there a problem at the server end? How big is the image file you are trying to upload? If there is a limit to the size of the files you can upload to the server you might be trying to exceed that limit. Contact the ISP for advice.

I have been using Webplus 9 and have generally been able to upload files without difficulty apart from one case where I'm still in correpsondence with Virgin net.

I am going to try to use NOF for my next project which is also an update for a church website!

  xquest 11:06 04 Oct 2006

Thanks, barryoneoff and Charlie Babbage, for your comments. NOF is OK for what I want but I found WebPlus somewhat easier to do a quick and simple job. I agree it might be a waste of £39 to upgrade to WebPlus 10, but it is irritating that version 7 doesn't upload.
My test site which I am trying to publish consists of one page. On that page is one small text box with a few words in it. The text box has a colour fill. Nothing could be simpler - the complete .wpp file is only 8K so I don't think there is an image size problem.
I'd be interested to see your church site - I find the standard NOF styles are very 'heavy' and am intending to try to lighten them - which WebPlus does very easily. My sites are via click here

Thanks again and if you have any further thoughts I'd be grateful. 13:33 04 Oct 2006

it is not compulsory to use NOF styles. Just open a blank site and delete everything.

You an choose your own fonts and any other layout optins you may need by unchecking the 'read only' box and entering your own formatting. I use NOF for my sites but rarely use their standard styles.

But then again, if you feel more comfortable with Serif it may be better for you. Good luck anyway.

  ade.h 16:37 04 Oct 2006

Most NOF users don't grow out of the default styles quite rapidly, as they are mostly not very attractive and are outdated. Whatever style you leave in place can be used to control the behaviour of your navbars without needing to learn CSS or javascript as it will apply its own js and you can replace the navbar images with your own style.

I rate NOF above Serif, although I haven't used it for a while. Its two drawbacks are the dirty, out of date and deprecated code that it produces, without any chance to change it and the lack of complete CSS integration.

  Charlie Babbage 21:41 10 Oct 2006

... for Liverpool Brisk Walkers - very basic so far! - click here

The church site will be more complicated and I'm only at the early planning stage - watch this space!

  xquest 23:15 10 Oct 2006

Hello folks. Encouraged by this discussion I went on the NOF9 newsgroup and found the solution to a problem I'd had - with the uploading would you believe, same as Serif. I found the problem mentioned and once I had unticked 'Connect Passive Mode' (which is buried deep in the advanced options on the Publish Settings menu) all was well. Why NOF support couldn't have told me this weeks ago ......
I can't find the equivalent in Serif so it still won't upload.
However I went back to NOF9 and devised my own style similar to the Serif one. I find that NOF9 is still less stable then Serif - in trying to load an image as background to a layout it threw a wobbly and when I tried to recover from an earlier backup I found it had deleted the style - perhaps because I had edited their simple style.

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