Publisher document - odd colours

  Charlie Babbage 10:56 22 Nov 2006

The person in charge of our Church admin has phoned me for help and I'm stuck!

She has received a Publisher document and says that the colours are odd when it is printed - particularly magenta. The printer is a Hewlett Packard - exact model not known. New cartridges have been put into the printer.

Is there anything else I could check to resolve this problem? Sorry the information is rather 'wooly'!

  Technotiger 11:22 22 Nov 2006

Hi, someone here might be able to help, but will definately need more information - i.e. OS XP or what, Model number of printer, Program being used to print the doc, type of paper, are
the new cartridges Originals or not?


  octal 11:37 22 Nov 2006

It's a bit of a can of worms balancing colours because everyone's colour vision is different. What you need to do is to test the printer, just run off a test page on good quality photographic grade paper and compare it to a Colour Test Chart to see if their is a colour shift, you'll be able to get one of those from photographic suppliers for around £25.

  wee eddie 12:03 22 Nov 2006

Many novices do not understand that the "size" on a sheet of paper can alter the way it affects ink bleed and displays colour.

many just use Copy Paper or cheap Inject Paper and expect perfect results.

  Charlie Babbage 13:10 22 Nov 2006

I can now give further details which I hope will be helpful.

The O/S is Windows XP Professional, HD 35 GB, memory 504 MB Ram. The printer is HP Office Jet 6110 series. The colour problem could well be due to the fact that the original was sent as a jpg file in an email attachment. This was then printed out and scanned back into Publisher. There are significant colour differences between the original jpg and the printed Publisher page eg light red text in the original jpg displays as a purple type colour - sorry it is difficult to describe colours!

The paper being used is good quality.

Any other ideas would be welcome.

  Charlie Babbage 13:17 22 Nov 2006

I now have further information. The O/S is Windows XP Professional and the printer HP Office Jet 6110. The HD is 34 GB and memory 504 MB.

The original document was a jpg file sent in an email attachment. This was printed out and then scanned into Publisher as additional text needed to be added. There are quite significant printed colour differences between the jpg file and the Publisher page eg light red in jpg prints as light blue in Publisher. A test page has been done in Word with text in different colours which is ok.

Any other ideas as to what might be causing this would be appreciated. Good quality paper is being used.

  Technotiger 13:24 22 Nov 2006

Right - then as per your further info, I would suspect that the Scanned reproduction is the villian here - not a lot you can do about that I'm afraid. The Scanner in fact.


  wee eddie 13:57 22 Nov 2006

You should be able to drop the .jpg straight into Publisher. Then re-size it to fit the relevant page.

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