123joey123 14:40 28 Dec 2009

With our gallant troops fighting in Afghanistan it is easy to forget the great losses of the lst war and the shameful way many were treated.
I have published a web site to draw attention to the plight of Bomber Command crews. I know it's not the best site in the world but it gets the message over. If anyone has any ideas ho to increase coverage I would be grateful.

  IClaudio 16:50 28 Dec 2009

The First World War?

  IClaudio 16:59 28 Dec 2009

Ah, you've missed an 'a'... so, it's the 'last' war!

  Chris the Ancient 09:39 29 Dec 2009

Giving us a link to your website would help increase coverage!

I'm interested - purely on the grounds that my father was a bomber pilot in WWII. He's always on about Fighter Command 'saving' Britain... but it was Bomber Command that helped win the war for Britain.

I do know that I'm flipping glad that I didn't have to go through what bomber crews went through.


  IClaudio 11:55 30 Dec 2009

In case Joey is on holiday, this is the site click here

My Dad flew Fighter-Bombers, Spitfires, Typhoons and so on... I'd say that Fighter Command helped win the war over Britain, Bomber Command helped win the war over Europe. Either way, I agree with you that I glad I wasn't there!

  123joey123 13:13 30 Dec 2009

Thanks for the comments.
The whole point of the web site is to try and bring to the notice of the public that Bomber Command crews were the only ones not to receive a campaign medal. The story is that the government were ashamed of the destruction caused by the bombers but that is not the point. The crews ( and I was one of them ) just did as they were told and to the best of their duty.
I lost many good friends and it is as much for their sake and their children and grandchildren as anything else.

  anchor 17:01 30 Dec 2009

The Germans started bombing civilian targets in WW1 using Zeppelins. This only stopped in 1916 when Leif Robinson VC shot one down, proving they were vulnerable even at a such a hight.

Many UK cities suffered dreadfully in WW2, and thousands of civilians were killed and injured as a result of indiscriminate bombing by the Luftwaffe. This continued with the use of the V1 and V2 weapons. As the tide of war began to shift, German cities were bombed in retaliation. I recall my Mother telling me that, at the time, many British people were delighted that the Germans were getting a taste of their own medicine. There was a popular phrase at the time; "the only good German is a dead German".

Of course, this is a terrible sentiment, but reflected attitudes at the time, particularly by those who had lost family, friends or their home. My Mother also recalled a small incident during the war when a man kicked a Dachshund out of his way saying, "Get out of it you German *******".

War brings out both the best and worst in people.

Should be be ashamed of Bomber Command?, I say NO.

  123joey123 09:00 31 Dec 2009

Thank you, forum member for your help. I am no expert in web construction and at the age of 86 not likely to get much better.
Some of the validation points made are beyond me but I don't understand your point about Bomber Command being an image. I typed it in the normal way.I would appreciate an explanation on that point.
I also know what you mean about the counter but how can I tell if anyone is reading it, without.
Anyway, thank you for your time

  Proclaimer 09:59 31 Dec 2009

More Content, More Key Words, External Links coming in to your page, reciprocal links. I think links would be my first priority. See if you can find any on 'Link exchange' websites.

I like the info given on this Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) site click here

And this Link Exchange Site click here

Go to other 'Bomber Command' websites and e-mail them asking for reciprocal links.

Since you were there, personal photos and recollections would encourage visitors to talk to others about the site. Like me, if I was reading your war diary and I liked it I would send a link to my friends. They would read the diary and see your main message.

If you have personal photos, add them. If you have negatives send them to me and I will digitise them for free and you can add those.

  123joey123 12:15 31 Dec 2009

Thanks for all the helpful advise. I have, in fact, contacted quite a few people and a big news agency in New Zealand has emailed me to say they will phone me and follow up.
I thought I had put a H1 on Bomber Command but I will re-check.
A happy New Year to all those kind people who take time to help others

  Proclaimer 13:48 31 Dec 2009

the one I listed is very good for finding links that you would otherwise not get. You choose which sites you want to contact and which ones you want to add if you are contacted. You may even get one way inbound links for your site due to the nature of your site.

There is a lot of talk about Link Exchanging being bad and search engines being clever and excluding sites for trying to get 'up the rankings'. But without links, the search engines also deem your site as not popular.

There are many ways search engines rate your site, (Relevancy by Google is determined by over 200 factors) links are one and should be considered important when you have none.

Google says " PageRank is the measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages. In simple terms, each link to a page on your site from another site adds to your site's PageRank. Not all links are equal: Google works hard to improve the user experience by identifying spam links and other practices that negatively impact search results"

The Link site I refer to is Free to use and promises nothing, unlike other Link sites that promise high ranks for cash.

Google's own SEO starter guide is also worth a read. click here

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