public folders?

  noobtype 20:43 22 Nov 2008

Is there a definitive way to check what is being shared online?

  mgmcc 21:15 22 Nov 2008

Can you be more specific? Shared online by whom and with whom?

  noobtype 12:20 23 Nov 2008

I'm just concerned that my music and movies are being uploaded by other people. Is there a special folder that you put things in for them to be recognise by others?

  mgmcc 12:31 23 Nov 2008

It is the purpose of a Firewall to prevent others from accessing any "shared" folders. This is why it is necessary to enter the IP addresses of networked computers in a Firewall's "trusted" section so that those computers *ARE* allowed to access "shared" folders over the network.

If not already using a third-party firewall, such as Zone Alarm, I would recommend doing so in order to control very easily access to the PC and which programs in the PC can go online to the internet.

If you don't have a network of two or more computers then, in the Properties of your network adapter(s), the "Local Area Connection" and/or "Wireless Network Connection" untick the box "File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

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