Psu's for latest GFX cards, 200 watt enough?

  tony777 03:46 30 Mar 2003


I have just this last week purchased a "Hewlett packard pavilion" from pc world, and it is working fine. The model is HP pavilion. What I want to know is: can I (one day) upgrade my Graphics card, (which is a Radeon 9000 64 meg - non pro), to, say, a Radeon 9700 on my internal "200 watt" power supply? (Model: "Bestec ATX 1956 F"). what would happen if I just bought one, and set it up etc.....crash??, or would It work for so long in games then crash?.

Anyway, its only a week old, so won't want to upgrade yet, but I'm wondering if I may need to upgrade the psu, and if so, will I be able to put a standard one in (even if it means slight modifications of my case), or is it bust! - a no go..

My specs are 2.66 Pentium 4, 512 MB ram, 60 gig hd (5400 rpm), Radeon 9000 64 meg, Windows XP home. 3Dmark 2001 se: 7601 marks.

Some high-end hp/pavilions come with Geforce 4 Ti-200, and they require a 300 watt psu i belive?. Maybe these top end HP's have 300 Watt, but me doubts...



  bigdamouk 04:06 30 Mar 2003

I cant understand why a High Spec PC such as yours only came with 200w.......

I had a 1300 athlon with 250w, i then upgraded gfx cards to a geforce 3 ti-200 and got a LOT of crashes, in the end i put a 350w in and all is well!

Are you using a diagnostic tool such as Belarc advisor or Aide32 to check the wattage or are you just going of the specs from HP?

  Djohn 04:08 30 Mar 2003

Found this on the Radion site, hope it helps.


RADEON 9700 PRO requires connection to your PC's internal power supply for operation. Consult your system builder or OEM to ensure your system has an adequate power supply. Otherwise ATI recommends a 300 watt power supply or greater to ensure normal system operation where a number of other internal devices are installed.

  tony777 05:41 30 Mar 2003

however, bigdamouk, having downloaded the two programms you mentioned, I couldn't find the power supply info here. not at all.

Djohn, yes, it helps with the fact that i need a 300 watt psu:)



  Djohn 06:15 30 Mar 2003

If in the future, you do decide to upgrade your PSU, then I suggest you go for at least 400w.

It may be just a standard PSU, and if it is, then it is a simple swap out job. J.

  « Ravin » 07:04 30 Mar 2003

hmmm i'd suggest you check out the exact power rating first before doing any upgrades.. branded computers like hp, dell make their own version of psu's and most of the the time they are underated.. for example mine is a dell pc with a 250 watt psu but actually its a 350-400 watt one.. there was a reason dell do that but i don't recall and also since its a custom made one anything other psu than one made by dell will not fit in the case..perhaps its the same case with hp.

  Kyomii 07:37 30 Mar 2003

Pentiums do not need the power that AMD machines require and hence the low PSU. My first pentium (733) ran from a 120 power supply with added peripherals quite happily.

However, to upgrade your card you would need to be looking at a 300 W

  tony777 19:33 30 Mar 2003

What wattage my psu is outputing?. Like I said, I tried the two porgramms from belarc/aida etc, but when i run them, i couldn't find anything on psu (DID I MISS ANYTHING?)

Ravin, you say "yours is a 250 watt psu but actually its a 350-400 watt one.. " So does that mean mine could be more than 200 watt?. and again, how do i find out this info (maybe there is some more software out there that gives you info on psu ratings). But from what i saw with my own eyes, was "200 watt output". Maybe it is 200 wattt, just enough to run whats on my pc. However, with 6 usb ports, firewire, etc, I wonder what wattage that draws from the psu?. Not only that, but would a 2.66 Pentium 4, and a radeon 9000 be expected to have more than 200 watts anyway? - my PC hasn't crashed on me at all yet - even in gaming (running Unreal T 2003 etc)

I just get the feeling that a high-end card would work on my current psu, because everything seems so smooth and stable...however, that "feeling" of mine could be a costly one!:)



  powerless 19:41 30 Mar 2003

You'll have to open up the case and look at the sticker on the PSU.

  tony777 19:48 30 Mar 2003

Is there anyone else out there using (say)a radeon 9500/9700/ Geforce 4 TI 4200/4600 on Hewlett packard pavilions (or equivelent like compaq/Packard bell/advent/etc)?. If not, what about the most powerful card that can be used on a 200 watter?. Is there a card that is significantly better than mine (radeon 9000 64 meg non-pro) that will run on my psu (EG: a Geforce 3 TI-500, Radeon 8500, Radeon 9100, or even a TI-4200.



  tony777 19:52 30 Mar 2003

Powerless said:
///You'll have to open up the case and look at the sticker on the PSU////

I'll do just that! - but if it says "300 watts" this time, maybe I wull need to run some "anti-gremlin" software:)

I am typing this on my other pc (and all the other posts btw), so will go take a better look this time.


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