harps1h 07:31 02 Aug 2005

i intend to change to a 64bit mobo. aware that the number of pins on my psu are wrong i see advertised the converter. my psu is a 400 watt and i also have a second rumnning the case fans. 2 questions 1/ will the one psu run the new mobo ok 2/ if i wanted to connect the 2 psus to the converter (i have a dongle for that purpose that i currently use) would this be safe enough


  jack 08:59 02 Aug 2005

There is a new standard it seems for the p4 type boards[64 bit] whereby the CPU has a separate 12v connector in addition to the normal 20 block.
see click here

Using a 2nd power supply is novel I'd like to know more here-or by e-mail

  harps1h 19:12 02 Aug 2005

the cpu i am buying is an amd venice core 3200 64 bit on an asus sli board and a 6600gt video card to allow to add sli later. thus i need to know is it possible to route two psu's through one converter

  PC Bilbo 19:27 02 Aug 2005

I've just built 2 with 64 3000 Venice Core & Asus mobo (notSLI). Processor needs separate 12v supply.

Not all PSU's give you what they state. Cheap ones often are Peak power. Better ones give you something in hand, use better capacitors and last longer.Active Power Factor Correction means it automatically adjusts power to what is needed, so keeps temp down when only ticking over.

I used 2 of Seasonic S12 430W. It gives all connections you need for SLI, SATA and is very efficient with large Quiet Fan.You get a lot of extras,like spiral cable tidies, ties etc plus a cable so you can vary speed of Case fans.

For not much over 50 quid - i rate it good value

  harps1h 19:34 02 Aug 2005

i would prefer not to buy another psu at the moment as i have a budget which will already be blown! that is why i need to know a definitive answer to the question. the other psu is a 350 watt and it can take the load of the other things like fans and the drives.

  jack 19:58 02 Aug 2005

The defintive answer is,
The new 64 bit boards have a separate power input for the 64bit CPU.
These PSU have the necessary cabling and connector,

See my clickhere in the earlier response.

A new PSU is the way, unless you wish to risk blowing your nice new board to save a few quid.

click here

  harps1h 21:24 03 Aug 2005

i did a bit of reading and i have decided to air on the side of caution and bought a new psu. it is a hiper 580 watt type r modular with 2 x 12 volt rails

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