Mastermind 13:26 13 Jan 2004

I'm trying to build a PC for a friend with a tight budget.

Why do so many cases come with a 300W PSU, when I'm told that this is inadequste for the vast majority of newly built PCs?

I'm tring to find a cheap case with an adequate PSU to run an AMD Athlon XP2500+ Barton and a Abit NF7-M motherboard.

  DieSse 13:41 13 Jan 2004

"Why do so many cases come with a 300W PSU, when I'm told that this is inadequste for the vast majority of newly built PCs?"

Because it's not inadequate for the vast majority of new PC's! Look at any large scale manufacturer (eg - Compact, Dell, etc) - and I bet you find even smaller PSUs.

Quality counts as well as quantity, and all 300W PSUs are not the same anyway - some have tighter restrictions on the current from ceratn outputs than others.

Now if you're going fro power hungry graphics cards, and multiple hard drives, and lots of lights and fans - then 300w would probably be inadequate. Otherwise it'll do OK.

But having said all that, if you can find a sensibly priced case with a larger supply, then take it - it gves you more scope for future upgrades.

  Mastermind 13:57 13 Jan 2004

Below are the sort of specifications I'm planning and I'm after a cheap case and PSU. Any recommendations would be appreciated?

Also, please conmment on the specifications if you feel there are any changes I should make.

AMD ATHLON XP2500+ 333MHZ FSB 512 L2 Cache Barton
Abit NF7-M
Crucial 256MB DDR400 PC3200
Hitachi 7K250 Deskstar 80gb ATA100 7200rpm
Liteon 48x24x48x16x IDE DRIVE (COMBO)
Floppy Drive
Coolermaster CP5-6J31C
Cooler Master Quiet 8cm Case Fan (SAF-S82-E1)

  961 14:29 13 Jan 2004

I may have missed it but what is the video card?

PSU from different suppliers can give vastly different performance ratings for the 300w designation. A top grade 300w will give much more stable performance than a 400w from someone else. It all depends on if it can maintain 300w when everything on your system is calling for power.

One thing is for sure. Power requirements aren't going down. Quite the reverse. So if you want to keep your case for a long time through several upgrades then 300w is not enough. Buy the biggest you can find and afford and buy it from a reputable manufacturer

There are case (inc PSU) reviews on several web sites

If it is any help I bought a case from Dabs Value inc PSU for under £30 and it has worked fine. It was the highest power rating they produced at that time and I have Athlon 1700xp and this was over 15 months ago. There again I do not have the latest fastest video card. The new ones consume vast amounts of power. If you have on board video or a card that does not seek to process 3d to the nth degree you will succeed with a standard value case built by a respected manufacturer and sold as own brand by someone like Dabs

I have a friend that uses this PSU and it is £17 off ebuyer, very powerful, and he hasnt had any problems with XP2800 barton, 200gb of hard drive's, Raedon 9700, DVD/CD-RW, many lights and fan's!

  rickf 14:45 13 Jan 2004

So have I. This PSU is powerful, cheap and efficient. Comes with 6 connectors and dual fans.

  Gongoozler 14:48 13 Jan 2004

This site click here lets you estimate how much power your computer will require.

  GibsonSt19 15:12 13 Jan 2004

the sentiments of Pilch from and rickf, as I have one myself, GREAT!

  Mastermind 15:44 13 Jan 2004

I've read that the Q-Tec PSUs are VERY noisey though.

  DieSse 15:47 13 Jan 2004

For what you are lokking for 550W is a vast overkill.

  Soddit 17:28 13 Jan 2004

These are pretty competitive as far as ordering your pc components on-line goes, maybe they have what tou require. click here

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