psu/cpu or both

  calvi36 14:01 18 Jun 2007

Hi guys, my first post here!

I very rarely turn my pc off. Got up this morning to a slight smell of electrical burning from the psu. PC then shut itself down. The psu fan was knackered. replaced psu with a brand new one. When I turn pc back on it gets so far then turns itself off. There are no bios bleeps at all. I have managed to get it completely to boot xp, then after about 30 secs it turns off again. Is this an overheat prob? heatsink is thoroughly cleaned, heatsink fan working fine, chassis fan working fine, psu fan working fine. Any help greatly appreciated. PSU is same wattage as the one I removed so it;s not an overload of power.

  xania 14:15 18 Jun 2007

If you managed any boot-up then I doubt you've got a major problem. Make sure that all your elecrtrical connections are firm and that you have not partially dislodged any expansion cards or RAM. No BIOS beeps means either not POST (clearly not the case here) or no speaker. You could also have dislodged the mobo speaker, so check you connections there as well.

  gregphoto 14:19 18 Jun 2007

i have just changed the fan on the psu and it works a treat. make sure the fan is pulling the air out of the computer, if its not it will upset the air flow. bgm

  calvi36 17:50 18 Jun 2007

Hiya, I have checked all ide, power connectors and cards, all is fine. This one has got me stumped and I built the blasted thing lol.

  skidzy 18:28 18 Jun 2007

"electrical burning from the psu"

There is a chance the mobo may have been damaged to the psu failure.

Have you tried just connecting the basics and see if the machine fires up ok ?

Try connecting just these.

One stick of ram/hdd/graphics card.

Also check the cpu.Clean off the thermal paste and replace with new paste/compound.

  calvi36 19:49 18 Jun 2007

Hi Skidzy, I have done all that. CPU is reading temp of 93 C ouch. I think I'll buy a new heatsink fan tomorrow and try it with a bigger one. The system has never had this problem before. I am now getting as far as first windows icon after bios post on boot. Then getting audible cpu too hot msg, then graphics to monitor reports, no signal and machine auto reboots.

  calvi36 20:00 18 Jun 2007

Getting another error on shutdown, system failed due to cpu overclocking, cpu is not overclocked tho!

  skidzy 20:01 18 Jun 2007

93c thats a big ouch...especially when the machine is not under stress !!!

Your best bet is to stop before frying the cpu.Sounds like No thermal paste or the heatsink has gone kaput also.

Just a thought here,with all these thunderstorms recently...have you had the pc on during one of these storms.

This i can speak from experience !...bad news,i had to rebuild one of my machines...the only survior..the hdd.

  skidzy 20:02 18 Jun 2007

Ah !

Check your bios,sounds like its been changed.

Have you flashed the bios recently ?

  calvi36 20:23 18 Jun 2007

Hi Skidzy, I havent changed anything other than the psu. I stripped right down to mb and cleaned the lot. Applied new thermal paste. I havent touched the bios. It's a weird one i didnt think changing a psu would have any affect on the bios at all. We havent had any thunderstorms where I live. I am getting an onscreen msg when it boots, no drive attached to fast track controller the bios is not installed. Thanks for your quick replies

  skidzy 20:26 18 Jun 2007

No Bios ?

New one on me !

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