psu supply probs

  mr_s 16:05 08 Feb 2009

hi can some help? i am fixing my computer at the mo, had trouble with HDD, took the most wanted files off with an ide connector----->laptop, went to attach everything back plugged it all in, and nothing, the HDD light on the front comes on, and the psu fan and system fans are on, but nothing happens when i try to reset the thing from the on/off button, no drive drawers work either, so tried the ide connector on the dvd drive and hey presto it opens, could there be a distibution problem with the PSU, it's made by bestec, and attached to and advent 3.2ghz. any suggestions???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 08 Feb 2009

Not detecting drive properly.

Make sure drive is connected both data and power cables correct wat round check data cable is fully inserted at motherboard end as well.

did you alter the jumper settings?

  mr_s 07:16 09 Feb 2009

actually i'm getting no response from anything, nothing to video card, cd drive, dvd drive, floppy, hdd, just the hdd light and the system fans, all the connectors and cable are in the right place, i only took the hdd out to remove files, and then tested the dvd drive with my EASY IDE connector, which worked fine as it has a seperate power supply. could this be the psu not distrubuting properly????

  €dstowe 08:44 09 Feb 2009

It is very easy to disturb the tiny (and not so tiny) plugs and connectors on a motherboard. I suggest as a first attempt would be to thoroughly check is thoroughly pushed into where it belongs and if you have any spare connectors, make certain they are spare but don't insert them where they shouldn't go.

  mr_s 13:00 09 Feb 2009

none of the connectors have been disturbed, like i say, when the computer was turned on, nothing happend, only the fans inside are working and the HDD light on the front of the cover(not intermitently like a normal startup, but constantly), cant even open the DVD/CD drawers?? could this be a power supply problem??

  Diemmess 15:05 09 Feb 2009

It could indeed be a PSU problem but not so easy to confirm.

Overloading due to a component circuit fault will drag down a critical voltage or even kill the power supply at that feed

Computer repair shops will test it for you and you can buy at around £30, a gadget to do it yourself. Expensive if you only use it once!

If you are impatient, the money is better spent on a new PSU

One suggestion is to disconnect the power cable to the HD, and any CD/DVD devices you have.
Also disconnect all external USB drives.
This will take as much strain as possible from a dodgey PSU.

Now switch on and see what you get!

Absolutely nothing, just about confirms the PSU as the culprit.

If the early opening screens display normally, the PC will stop at loading Windows, showing disk error messages on the monitor.
If this happens then you can try re-connecting the HD first and then rest - one at a time.

  Terry Brown 15:18 09 Feb 2009

Check carefully to make sure the mains power plug (20 or 24 pin block-- depending on computer) is the corect way around (Yes- on some computers you can put it the wrong way) and it is firmly seated.

If there is a 4 pin (white) plug to the graphics card area , ensure that is in correctly.

Double check all memory cards, in case you have disturbed one (or more).

have you disturbed the BIOS reset stting,if so have you put it back from clear to normal.

Check battery in correctly (no battery means no BIOS, No BIOS means no go.)

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