PSU program

  goonerbill 09:21 29 Feb 2004

Any body know of a program that can see what wattage your PSU is putting out and is being used by all components in your computer.


  holly polly 10:30 29 Feb 2004

click here
regards-hol pol...

  goonerbill 10:34 29 Feb 2004

thanks holly polly. was looking for a program that monitors the system as its running but your link is of help

  Paranoid Android 12:39 29 Feb 2004

This would not be possible without measuring the current used by each appliance. As current has to be measured in series, I don't believe you will find any software package to do it.

It might be possible to set up a test bed with an ammeter in series with each device, but I have to ask would it be with it.

Most test software uses the line voltage level as an indicator of PSU output.


  Indigo 1 13:59 29 Feb 2004

Why would you need to know the wattage being consumed by components ?

  SEASHANTY 14:17 29 Feb 2004

Presumably to check if your PSU will be overloaded if considering upgrades such as extra hard drive, PCI card, additional CD-ROM drive etcetera. Each bit you add puts extra loading on the power supply so when considering upgrading you may also have to increase the PSU unit for a larger wattage model.

  holly polly 15:53 29 Feb 2004

would seem to apply basic mathematics-hol pol....

  goonerbill 16:21 29 Feb 2004

thanks Paranoid Android, thought there wouldn't be a prog to do it due to the complex nature of how things run inside a pc.

Indigo 1, as SEASHANTY said, wanted to know what was actually being used by the system in realtime and not guessing what is being used as the program holly polly suggested does, even though it does give me a basic power usage and was still of some help to me.

  goonerbill 16:22 29 Feb 2004

thanks again all

  hugh-265156 16:32 29 Feb 2004

check the hardware monitor in your bios.

it wont tell you the overall power used but will give some info on the power going through to each rail. + or - 10% i think is normal.

aida32 click here (any version) will give you the same info in windows.

click "computer/sensor"

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