psu problem?

  backudog 06:31 02 Apr 2008

Ive got a PC with a sigma gaming case , a quad core QX6850 (3GHZ), asus P5N-E nforce 650i sli mother board, 3gig of ocz memory (pc6400 ddr2/800), an 8800gtx 768mb graphics card and a hiper type-m sli/crossfire ready 580w power supply, running windows xp home (SP 3),
and every now and then the **** thing locks up on me! (i can move the mouse pointer but clicking on anything doesn't do anything) and i have to ctrl alt del to unlock it, also today for the first time a nvidia box popped up on screen telling me my graphics card wasn't recieving enough power and had adjusted its settings to compensate (or something like that), so my Power Supply Unit's not man enough then? i don't understand all this volts amps etc and am worried that continued use as is will fubar my pc. would this one be ok? will it fit in my pc etc?

Arctic Power 700W Power Supply Unit - With PCI-E, 1x SATA, 20+4, ATX12V, 8pin +12V Connectors - Retail Boxed - Ebuyer

on another forum someone posted this link

click here
but i don't understand half the details it asks for, how big a psu do i need? is the above psu ok?

  johndrew 10:21 02 Apr 2008

I`m not certain your PSU is the cause of your problem. It sounds like software is hogging the resource. Open `Task Manager` and see what CPU usage you have and identify what is using it.

I am told that Hiper PSUs are not the best in the world, but mine is fine and 580W seems plenty for your PC. If you fit a larger (700W) PSU the PC will only draw what it needs to function so you wont do any damage and Arctic Power have a good name.

  donki 12:32 02 Apr 2008

Hmmm I dunno I think hes is cutting it fine with that PSU, the 8800 GTX requires a minimum of a 500Watt PSU. Considering he has a quad core CPU and 3gig of ram ( I am assuming 3 sticks?).

What other USB devices have you attached to your PC that dont have there own power supply? Does this only happen after extreme gaming or other demanding applications?

a 700Watt PSU should sort it.

  backudog 18:16 02 Apr 2008

cheers for the replies guys!
yes my 3gig is 3 sticks, the only other other usb device i have constantly hooked upto me pc is an external hdd but that is mains powered. occasionally i hook up my mobile or portable dv player,or my psp, for file transfers but always only one at a time. i also have a memory card reader hooked upto it that draws its power from the pc( but i wouldn't have thought it needed much). the freezing occurs at anytime, to be honest sometimes if i go get a cup of tea and leave the pc just sitting there doing nothing i'll come back and its froze! i've ordered the psu and it arrives tomorrow so i hope it sorts out the problem.

  donki 19:28 02 Apr 2008

No problem with the replies, I know the 8800GTX is a power HOG, recomends at least a 500wat PSU. I cant think of anything else, especially when the Nvidia warning came up. Let us know.

  MAT ALAN 20:16 02 Apr 2008

Do you have a power supply connected direct to your Card or are you just drawing power from your Mobo...

  Totally-braindead 09:48 03 Apr 2008

I think the power supply may be underpowered for this, very good, setup.

Upgrading the power supply seems to me to be a good idea. As said the more powerful power supply only supplies more power as its asked for. Only other thing is as MAT ALAN has asked is there a second power supply connector for the graphics card either on the card itself or on the motherboard next to the card and if so is it connected?

  backudog 10:52 04 Apr 2008

yes theres 2 power supply wotsits on the card both are connected to the psu(which i have now replaced with the 700w one).
Im now in the process of whacking vista back onto it (after formatting my HDD and doing a clean install), i had vista originally but put xp back on to see if it was that was causing the problems, its proving to be a bit of a bugger,(seems to take forever to install, then ages for the updates etc to go on, seems to just sit there doing bugger all when it should be restarting etc!ah vista how i missed you lol.) but i'll keep at it 'til i finally lose me rag with it ,then i'll be back! lol.

  Ditch999 11:16 04 Apr 2008

johndrew has a point. I would check your resources and see whats utilising your CPU when that happens. It could be a scheduled virus scan or backup.

  mrwoowoo 15:31 04 Apr 2008

If it's not the psu,i would look to the ram configuration.Due to the nature of dual channel ram ,and the way some boards utilise it,i would never use a three stick configuration.
Try removing one stick,whilst leaving the remaining two in the same coloured slots.This will be slot a and c.Important that there is a spare slot between them.
If it works ok,then your options are to leave the 2 x 1 gb sticks inplace,or buy 2 x 2gb sticks and sell the other sticks on ebay.

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