PSU Problem

  ah1802 20:59 29 Jan 2007

I recently upgraded my home computer. i added two new 1gb memory and a new 256mb graphics card. since then when ever i am doing certain things my psu fan gets really noisy. i was wondering if i had to purchase a new psu to help the 2 new components. if you need anymore details please ask.
thanking you

  SANTOS7 21:02 29 Jan 2007

Could be, would much depend on how big (wattage) your PSU is now, considering how cheap a good PSU is now probably wouldn't huet to upgrade anyway, the bigger the better it will put less strain on it..

  skidzy 21:16 29 Jan 2007

I recently rebuilt a system at home for the kids,i found this psu and was a little sceptical but i must say its quiet and runs fine click here

most would advise for a heavy and branded psu,but this serves the rebuilt system fine.

  Terry Brown 21:23 29 Jan 2007

I presume you removed the PSU when you upgraded the system, is it vibrating slightly, causing the noise (try checking to make sure the screws are tight and nothing is actually touching the PSU case, or it could be simply that your new system requires more power, and it is struggling to cope (e.g. use a ford escort engine in a jag, and see what noise that would make.

  ah1802 21:25 29 Jan 2007

oook kool, these are the specs of my psuy at the moment:
Model n ° FSP250-60GEN INPUT : 100-240 V - 50-60 Hz OUTPUT : + 3.3 V, + 5 V, + 12V1, + 5Vsb, -12V, + 12V2 + 12V

the specs of my computer are:
Athlon 3400 64 bit
2 Gb RAM
256mb Graphics Card

  skidzy 21:41 29 Jan 2007

It looks like you psu is not man enough at 250watts,look for something of around 450 watt upwards.Also check no cables etc are touching the fans as Terry points out.

  ah1802 21:46 29 Jan 2007

thanks alot everyone for the info, i'll pop out tomorrow pick up a new one.

  SANTOS7 21:48 29 Jan 2007

250W is in technical terms "PANTS" for a psu, anything over 400w should be entry level for todays PC requirements..

  [email protected] 23:29 29 Jan 2007

thanks a lot! i just read that 'mid swallow' and may have to start a new thread "diet coke drenched tft!"

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