PSU with PCI-E connector suggestions..

  Quintus 00:37 05 Jan 2005

I need help finding a PSU with a PCI-E connector around 400W and about £40-50. Suggestions anyone? Also, could you tell me where to actually get the PSU too :) And another thing, what's the deal with "^" and "bump"? I just don't get it. Thanks!



  Strawballs 01:41 05 Jan 2005

I can't help with the psu but bump or ^ is a way of getting a thread back to the first page if it has dropped to the second because as soon as a thread has a response of any sort it goes to the top of the first page.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:15 05 Jan 2005

Don't you mean a mobo with a PCI connector? try click here ....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 02:18 05 Jan 2005

Yes, try here click here ....TT

  Quintus 02:19 05 Jan 2005

Ok, thanks Strawballs, I am now enlightened :) No terminator, I mean a PSU that has a special connection for PCI-E graphics cards, I heard that some of the newer cards need them.

  RogueTrooper1967 05:53 05 Jan 2005

No need to worry about "Special Connectors" with a PSU as Video Cards that require direct connection to the PSU use the standard 4 pin power cable. All decent Video cards (even OEM) should provide a splitter cable so if all your power leads are currently used you can add new branch with the cable. As for PSU recomendations go for a "Name brand" and check out hardware reviews across the Web. Seasonic, Antec and Zalman are all good brands.

  Quintus 16:29 05 Jan 2005

Thanks for the information guys and/or girls! Think I'll go for a Tagan PSU. Thanks again!



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