PSU Output - Am I Overstretching it?

  mad2477 16:35 15 Apr 2003

I built my own computer, and I bought a Asus PT4 motherboard 18 months ago and i have recently been adding new hardware. I am looking for an expert opinion,

I have a power supply which says 350W Max.

I am running

Asus (as above)
Pentium 4 1.5ghz
256 Rambus Ram
Maxtor 7200rpm 40gb
Maxtor 5400rpm 60gb
NVidia GeForce 2 MX 200
Creative Soundblaster live audigy
A Standard Floppy Drive
Samsung 16x DVD
Acer 12x8x32 CD-RW
LAN Card
1 PSU Fan
1 CPU Cooler fan
1 80mm Case Fan

and that ran fine, now i have added

2 60mm case fans
1 80mm case fan
1 bay cooler (3 x 40mm fans side by side in the 5 inch bay)
1 HDD cooler 50mm (about)
1 PCI Cooler 120mm
and various periphals e.g. host powered USB Zip

and i do demanding work on my computer from Work to Grpahics, and i was wondering whether my PSU rated at 350w Max can handle this. I have not overclocked, but the fans are necessary as the computer is in a small bad ventilated and stuffy room which cannot be helped, do you have a program which tells me how many companents my PSU can handle?


  woodchip 17:00 15 Apr 2003

You do not need any more. You will soon know if it's not enough

  Paranoid Android 17:11 15 Apr 2003

If you start getting 'random' dropouts and lockups this would indicate a power supply problem.

It might be worth investing in a new case with really good ventilation. I saw one in PC world a weeks ago with a 120mm rear exhaust fan and loads of cooling slots, price was very reasonable.

Your biggest potential problem is to make sure the hot air is exhausted from your case, not just moved around. The thing most likely to kill your PSU is if it overheats.


  DieSse 18:29 15 Apr 2003

Personally I think you've got far too many fans. The room is not an issue here - it's simply getting air moved through the cabinet, and you just don't need that much air-flow to do so.

I think your 350W PSU should be ample anyway.

  Big Elf 19:19 15 Apr 2003

I have shown the approximate power demands in wattage of various types of components. This has been extracted from various websites and magazines. I apologise if the formatting goes wrong when I post this but I will email it in spreadsheet form to anyone who requests it. I find that the surprising figure is the RAM power consumption. I have 1GB RAM which apparently draws 100W!

Pentium 4 Northwood 2.53GHz - 62W

Graphics Card - 30W

ATX Motherboard - 40W

RAM 10W per 128MB - 10W

DVD Drive - 20W

CD-RW - 25W

Hard Drive - 20W

Hard Drive - 20W

Floppy Drive - 5W

Network Card - 4W

Modem - 5W

Sound Card - 5W

Controller Card SCSI/Firewire/USB - 20W

Case Fan - 3W

Case Fan - 3W

CPU Fan - 3W

  hansol 20:38 15 Apr 2003

you're a bit heavy with the fans,but a 350W should cover it OK.
Main weakness is usually the 5V supply - check in the BIOS that it doesn't dip below 4.8V as this can cause crashes and glitches. Antec PSUs usually have adjusters,Enermax PSUs don't,but can be modded to prevent sagging.
Ensure cabling inside case isn't impeding good airflow and you have a definite direction of airflow from inlet at bottom to exit at top.

  mad2477 21:00 15 Apr 2003

Thanks alot guys, the graphics card is 30w for my weedy one or for a massive beefy one?

  mad2477 21:07 15 Apr 2003

and is that the Max consumption, or is that just when it is sitting there.

  Big Elf 21:29 15 Apr 2003

I'm not 100% sure whether this is max consumption but I believe it is when it's just sitting there. I stand to be corrected though.

I used these figures to calculate whether my 400W PSU was adequate and so they are biased towards my own system. At the moment and based on the above my PC draws 350 Watts. I seem to recall that 30W was for a medium to high end Graphics card and it was 15-25W for a low end card.

I also recall that earlier Pentium 4 processors actually drew more power as they were less efficient than recent ones. If you wish I'll try and track down the power requiremnts for a Pentium 1.5Ghz.

  phoenix_one 21:38 15 Apr 2003

I know your a clever guy but tell me your well ventilated case isn't just stuck against the wall is it?

A friend of mine has his PC in one of those desktop computer little cupboards he has wasted the potential of his fans

If you need cooling make sure that for every intake there is an output fan (Roughly speaking) Sorry if it is but you didnt say!

Also make sure the PC gets declogged of dust,lint etc runnig this many fans is like a vaccum cleaner! Dust-IN PC-Wasted Watts!

Hope to Help

  mad2477 22:10 15 Apr 2003

yeh, i de-dusted it the other day, about a handful of the stuff, i'm stuck for space so it is in a over heated, cramped and under ventialted room.

Surely a 1.5ghz won't draw as much as a 2.53, regardless of its efficieny. Don't go out of your way but if you could tell me, please could you.

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