psu or motherboard playing up?

  hmm.... 20:12 15 Jul 2006

Hi, got more problems with new system :( I have had problems with lots of components. Sometimes my perfectly working X1800XT does not generate an image on the screen after booting, but you can hear windows load fine. I also had a new hard drive randomly die, and certain usb devices, such as the remote which came with my p5w dh deluxe do not work. (Although they will work with my other pcs). I am thinking this is either the motherboard or the power supply, as it may be more drained than it was. Its a Sweex 650w.

Pentium D 830
2gb OCZ DDR2 800
2x raptor, 1x 300gb
asus p5w dh deluxe
x1800xt 512mb


  Joe R 20:18 15 Jul 2006


I'd say that going by your specs, that it is more likely that the PSU is the culprit.

For a system with that high a spec, I would have expected at least a good quality PSU, with at least two 12v rails.

  woodchip 20:27 15 Jul 2006

Could be A faulty graphics card, As that's what I have been having, but now will not boot just get 1 Long 8 Short beeps Amy Bios. Graphics card as to be replaced. But before it went I had to turn off and back on to get it going for quite a few weeks now

  hmm.... 20:32 15 Jul 2006

The graphics card has been working fine though. I have been playing games on perfectly until i trasplanted it into this new setup... The pc only makes one 'beep' upon startup and the manual says that confirms everything is working

  hmm.... 20:34 15 Jul 2006

(having said that, on the occasions when windows boots without an image, the fan stays on high for longer than usual)

  woodchip 20:39 15 Jul 2006

Yes that's what mine as been doing except odd occasion. But if you get no beeps then PSU

  citadel 22:01 15 Jul 2006

you can not go wrong by getting a quality psu from the likes of seasonic even if the psu turns out not to be the cause of your problem.

  hmm.... 23:04 17 Jul 2006

well i now have a new power supply. Had so much trouble with i dont really want to send the board back. I have noticed that the 'single beep' i thought was normal on startup is actually an error. it means

keyboard controller error
refresh time error
no master disk.

well xp installs and runs fine, and the keyboard works. As I have said, the pc still tends to switch on by itself when plugged in at the wall, and it loads with a blank screen, crashes, restarts and is okay,...I am guessing this is a 'refresh time error' then? I have no idea what this is, or how to fix it. (ps everything is plugged in correctly!)

  hmm.... 23:05 17 Jul 2006

oh, and the remote still wont work! Works on all my other pcs (though it complains bitterly about it not being installed with an asus motherboard)

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