psu or motherboard faulty?

  harps1h 07:59 10 Jan 2009

spec: amd 4600 dual core
asus m2n32 sli wireless nforce 590
4GB 667mhz ddr2
nvidia 8800gts 640mb
sb xfi music soundcard
500watt modular psu
os: vista ultimate

this system was running at stock speeds.

over the last two weeks this system has been developing a fault where it would randomly shutdown but not entirely (the power light on the case stayed on and there was power but no image or activity) and it would not restart when the reset button was used. when a forced shutdown was done it would start again but with a post error telling me to reset the bios to default or press F1. i have tried resetting the mb but this has had no effect and it continued to intermittently shutdown. if i directed windows to restart in the os the computer refused and shut down completely. last night however when i pushed the power button the computer would not switch on at all, although the power light on the psu is lit nothing is operating att all in the case, not even fans. I personally feel it is a dead mb, but not 100%. can anybody shed more light on this before I rush out and buy another


  howard64 18:27 10 Jan 2009

it sounds like the power supply unit has died. First thing to do is unplug from the mains and open the case to check that the power plugs from the psu have not worked loose. Then double check that the mains cable is live by perhaps swapping it with the monitor mains cable. Random shutdowns could indicate that the system is overheating possibly a fan has died. If the cpu fan slows down the cpu will switch the pc off to stop it burning out. When cool it does allow the system to switch on again. Try and borrow another power supply from somewhere if not a new one can be had for about £20 far less than a mobo.

  harps1h 01:00 11 Jan 2009

i have tested the power supply on another computer, which has a working psu and motherboard. it wouldn't even kick the fans into life, even with everything disconnected. so is it safe ro assume i need a new psu?

ideas are welcome.the

  3gboosterman 02:16 11 Jan 2009

I have a very similar setup like yours and have had a very similar problem.

Please check the following:
Check your PSU. Is the fan spinning?
Check to make sure your Hard disk is not faulty.
Check your motherboard and see if the M.B.light comes on.

In my case, it was the Hard Drive that was gone and it was the last component that i suspected.

At least it gave me an excuse to buy a better CPU , a 1000 watt PSU and another 8800 card to run it in SLI.

If you have spare parts, maybe try each part to see which part it boils down to.

  Willfixit 02:30 11 Jan 2009

Hello, it does sound as if your power supply is faulty, You can buy a psu tester which might be a safer method of testing for a faulty psu than connecting it to another pc in case it damages the othe pc.

take a look here:
click here

  Technotiger 08:49 11 Jan 2009

Almost certainly a dead PSU.

  MarvintheAndroid 11:51 11 Jan 2009

Er - you can get a new power supply for less than the cost of those testers.


  harps1h 15:05 11 Jan 2009

that maybe so but there are varying qualities in them. i prefer to buy a decent one that will give a consistent level of performance.

  harps1h 20:48 12 Jan 2009

it is now replaced with a coolermaster 650 and the system is back to normal
thanks for the replies

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