PSU or GFX Card Dilemma?

  Paninaro2010 12:44 18 Feb 2014

Hi all, Tried attaching an image of my PSU sticker to help but here goes... My current setup; MSI Z77MA-G43 MOBO I5-3570K CPU AMD RADEON 7870 GFX CARD SOUNDBLASTER 3D RECON PCI-E SOUNDCARD 5xSATA HDD 4X120MM FANS

This is recent build and only just lately have I noticed that whilst playing fairly intensive games the PC would restart.

My first thought was heat, but ruled that out through various testing etc... I then tested the GFX card through Furmark...and each time it got to 75c the PC would restart... Researching a bit more came to the conclusion that 75c was not anything to worry about and the card happily goes beyond that...Hmmmm...ok so next the finger points at the PSU....

Ok I know NOW about buying a good quality PSU etc etc...LOL!.....However this 700w EZ Cool has served me well without fault over the last 7 years. I did a wattage calculation and this seemed like it was ample...then I get lost in the 12v dual rail this and that....I just needed to know if the PSU was not man enough before I go buy a decent one, only to find my problem is still there?

Would the PC restart if PSU wasn`t up to it? (only does it when under load from gaming )any other time it is fine.....

The sticker on the PSU reads as follows,hopefully it makes sense to someone out there!

     DC +3.3vdc +5dvc  +12v1dc  +12v2dc  -12vdc  +5vsb

Max Output 36a 40a 20a 20a 0.8a 2.5a

Think I have covered everything, apologies if not and many thanks for your time in advance,much appreciated..

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:12 18 Feb 2014

When you put any load on a graphics card the temperature usually rises pretty smartly but, 75C is fine but, it could be that the load is too much for your PSU. you say it 7 years old so, perhaps it is simply tired and beginning to fail. I would suggest you replace it soon, to avoid it causing other damage if it fails completely.

Buy a new PSU online, then if it makes no difference, suggesting the PSU is not the problem, you can take advantage of the distance selling regulations and send it back. Just be careful not mark it when you install it.

  Paninaro2010 14:37 18 Feb 2014

Thank you Mr Mistoffelees...would I be right in thinking that even if I got the same wattage (but a decent Corsair or similar) that it is obviously going to be much more efficient, or do I go for something higher, say a 750??

  Paninaro2010 15:35 18 Feb 2014

How about the Corsair CX750M 750W ATX 80+Bronze.....???

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:08 18 Feb 2014

AMD say you need a minimum of 500W so, I would be happy to go with a decent quality 600 or 650W unit, although I am sure the one you have found would do nicely.

  Paninaro2010 16:46 18 Feb 2014

Nice, thank you again...

  Paninaro2010 05:58 19 Feb 2014

Well I took the plunge,being impatient,popped into Maplins on the way home and got the CX750M 750W ATX 80+Bronze.....PC now running sweet as a nut!

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