PSU install

  blowworm 22:45 25 Jun 2004


AMD K62450, psu 235 output and i believe dead, I want to try a 300 output, do I just plug it in and power up, or do I need to reset any thing like hold certain keys etc.



  scooby43 22:48 25 Jun 2004

I think all you need to do is replace it with a new psu and you will be fine.

  Totally-braindead 22:51 25 Jun 2004

You don't have to change anything, just plug it in and thats it.

  Night Ryder 22:52 25 Jun 2004

Wery simple operation. Just replace the power supply with a 300 wat version and switch on. 235 power supply is very small indeed and I'm surprised it has not caused you problems before now.

  Quiller. 22:55 25 Jun 2004

If your old psu is an ATx and your new one is the same.

Then just take the 4 holding screws out of the back of the psu, unplug the motherboard connector and the power leads to the hard disk, cdrom's and floppy drive. Ease the psu out.

Insert the new psu and connect as before and power up.

The only problem I can see is if your old psu is the AT type and the new is ATX.( because it is a k6 450 Mhz.) 5 minute job. lol

  hugh-265156 23:08 25 Jun 2004

its very easy to install a new psu as above. just keep a check of what you leads you unplug and then make sure to plug them all back in again.

see 'installing the power supply and add in cards' bottom of page may help you click here

  Dipso 23:27 25 Jun 2004

I had to do this recently and found it straightforward. These links helped.

click here

click here

Just make sure that you plug the floppy connectors in the right way up. Make a note of the way they come out. There is a right way and a wrong way and it is possible to connect the wrong way if you are not careful.

  blowworm 23:31 25 Jun 2004

how do i know if the old one is an AT the new one I tried was a 300 atx from my k71100, and that didnt work.



  Giggle n' Bits 01:32 26 Jun 2004

take note of the size of it. Newer PSU's mainly are ATX and could be possibly bigger in size physically than your kaput PSU.

If you PSU is under £275Watt Total output you have AT and not a ATX PSU these are a bit more difficult to find.

If your machine is a branded Time, Tiny, Hewlett Packard, or Emachine then yes they are smaller.

Please feel free to mail me via folder should you have difficulty in finding a suitable replacement.
I have contacts and some seconds I can strip out

Also what is the manufacuters make on the blown PSU

  GRFT 07:09 26 Jun 2004

The DC power connections of an AT PSU to the mother board is two in-line connectors, P8 & P9 (which can be connected in reverse if you're not careful.) An ATX connector is a keyed single 2-row 20-pin connector with a retaining clip on one side.

  Quiller. 09:09 26 Jun 2004

GRFT, is spot on. :-)

A atx motherboard power here

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