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  heartsfanno1 12:34 04 Feb 2009

Hi I've got a problem with my PC that it wont start up. The blue light on the front came on and there's a high pitched beeping from the case but nothing on the screen.

I took the case off and noticed it was the PSU that was beeping. I tried making sure the connections were fine and tried to boot up again.

This time the beeping started again but the blue light didnt come on.

This sounds like a PSU problem to me but i'm no expert. The only problem is my case is a Hiper slim line DVD sized one which the PSU is embedded into it.

Anyone got any ideas about if I have to get a whole new case and how easy would it be to transfer all my hardware accross to a new case?

thanks for any help


  Pine Man 12:41 04 Feb 2009

..see click here

  kspatto 16:05 04 Feb 2009

this beeping noise if it is not continual is probably your post on signal the amount of times it beeps is an indication of a problem I have never heard of a power supply with a built in buzzer?
1 The memory refresh circuitry has failed
2 Parity errors have been detected in the first 64 KB of memory
3 A failure has occurred within the first 64 KB or memory
4 System Timer failure: Timer 1 on the mainboard does not work properly
5 The CPU has generated an undetectable error
6 8042 Gate-A20 failure: BIOS cannot switch the CPU into protected mode
7 The CPU has generated an exception error
8 The video adapter is missing, or the memory on the adapter has generated a failure
9 The ROM checksum value does not match the value in BIOS
10 The shutdown register for CMOS interrupt channel 2 has failed POST; the system board cannot retrieve CMOS contents during POST
11 Level-2 cache memory has failed the tests, and has been disabled
2 short POST has failed, caused by a failure of one of the hardware tests
1 long, 2 short Failure in video system: a checksum error was encountered in video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered
1 long, 3 short Failure in video system: the video DAC, the monitor detection procedure or the video RAM has failed
1 long POST procedures have passed

just a thought but have you tried the monitor in another PC also leave the machine for its normal start up time and listen to hear the windows logo theme this would indicate the graphics card is faulty also listen to hear if the hard drive is working if the power supply is u/s then the hard drive will not be spinning I would have a good check of all the connections as well as a change of case is quite a complicated job although not impossible
beest of luck

  Switcher 16:15 04 Feb 2009

Continual beep usually means CPU fan or case fan not running

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 04 Feb 2009

He's already sain in his other thread on the same subject that the fan is not working.

Please tick this thread as resolved and stick with the other to avoid confusion.

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