Psu and graphic card

  SB23 15:31 18 Aug 2006

I've been talking about changing my current card (Geforce 4MX440) to a better one, for ages.
While I've been looking, a thought (I do get them now and again), crossed my mind. My psu on my packard bell is only rated at 250w.
Is this going to restrict what I can put in? if so, if I have to change my psu aswell, its obviously going to affect my budget, and confuse me even more, as I've still not seen what I can replace it with.
Please help


  xania 16:01 18 Aug 2006

PSU's are not expensive. 400w should keep you well in:

click here

  gudgulf 18:32 18 Aug 2006

What's the rest of the systems specification?

Knowing that will help us point you towards the best card for your upgrade.

  SB23 18:48 18 Aug 2006

Running xp, Intel pentium 4 2.53Ghz, 512mb ram, Geforce MX440 64mbddr AGP.

Sorry, should have said earlier what I'm running at the mo.

  gudgulf 19:17 18 Aug 2006 question is what are you going to do with the upgraded graphics card?

I'm assuming games...but which ones?

  SB23 19:29 18 Aug 2006

Just games in general.
Nothing specific, its just at the mo I download game trials etc, to give me an idea, and you can tell that the card is struggling.
Back last year I tried Doom on the pc, in the end I bought it for my Xbox.
I understand this MX440 is pretty basic compared to them now 31/2 years later, and I don't want to spend a fortune, but even a little improvement would be nice.

  SB23 19:32 18 Aug 2006

Another thing that I can't forget is the psu.
Is it going to be possible to run a new card off the current psu?

  gudgulf 20:23 18 Aug 2006

Yes you will be able to run a better graphics card off your 250W will have no doubt noticed the high output psus that get recommended here.There are good reasons for that

A current state of the art graphics card is a power hungry are some of the fastest processors.Chuck in a multi-hard drive RAID array and a few optical drives,and add a couple of GB of RAM and you have a very heavy consumer of electricity.

Manufacturers of graphics cards recommend the rating based on the power required for the whole pc..and err on the side of caution.So recommended ratings are on the high side.

Your 2.53 GHz procewssor and 512MB RAM presents an altogether different picture.....much lower power needs.

You should be able to run a more up to date graphics card such as a base model GFX 6600 click here

This is no speed demon by any means but will make your MX440 seem very slow indeed (which it is!)

When looking for a replacement card make sure you go for one with it Graphics memory onboard the card......don't be tempted by the "Turbo Cache" cards that use mostly System RAM rather than having it physically onboard the card.You don't have enough system RAM for one of those.

You will find increasing your system RAM to 1GB beneficial too.

What budget are you working to?

  SB23 20:49 18 Aug 2006

My budget is going to be upto around £80-£100, as for the ram, my mobo will take 1gb max, again, I 've talked about that aswell, but just never got round to it. You know the story, kids need new shoes, you can't spend that on the computer!
Does the fact that the current card is AGP, make any difference?

  gudgulf 20:59 18 Aug 2006

Sorry I should have posted an AGP card link.......Yes you will need an AGP card,not a PCI-e one.

click here

And don't worry if your AGP slot is rated at 4X rather than 8X...the card will run perfectly well in an AGP 4X slot and you wont find it runs any slower than it would at AGP 8X.

With your budget you should be able to upgrade both graphics card and RAM which will help both games and overall system performance.

  SB23 21:05 18 Aug 2006

Thanks for that.
I know they say that they're backwards compatible, but thats all I know, lol.
Its also nice to know that I should be able to do both with my budget,(card and ram),and that the psu should be fine.
I know what I'm looking at now.

Thanks for your help


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