Is PSU dying ?

  TBH1 23:12 15 Sep 2006

I have a Medion 8083 - standard but 1.5gb memory.
Have recently put a 2nd Hard disk in but ever since, an irritating "hum" kinda sound is heard - not that loud but irritating. Thought it was PSU - its a tranformerish sound - so had the side off the case but cannot locate source. I have disconnected all power connections and found that the sound only appears (does sound appear ??) when my original disc has power. Have done numerous disc analysis thingies which show the disc as healthy.
I have also replaced DVD ROM with an HP 840i writer -
My question (at last) - although PSU is 350w jobbie, is it on its way out ?? Grateful for any help

  woodchip 23:23 15 Sep 2006

Remove Power Plug from New drive, then try it

  TBH1 23:34 15 Sep 2006

woodchip - thanks for speedy response, mate - -done all that, its only 'humming' when original has power. Have swapped plugs round too. I don't mind changing PSU, if it is that, but loath to replace HD unless I have to.

  DieSse 00:32 16 Sep 2006

If it only "hums" when a particular hard drive is connected to power - it seems likely to me it's that hard drive.

Try slackening off it's four mounting screws, then tightening them up again. It maybe the motor/spindle is beginning to show signs of wear.

  TBH1 00:47 16 Sep 2006

Done that, mate - -though spooky enough, can only get at the 2 near ones, its in a cradle sort of thing and only one side is accessible - it is on rails so I know the far side is not just 'flapping' about..
Logic tells me its the HD - but sound is defo not coming from there. Gonna prepare for replacement anyway, can get back to factory settings (2.5 years ago), but will take an age to get all subsequent upgrades (sp1, sp2 etc).Keep you in the picture - -

  rdave13 00:51 16 Sep 2006

If you must reinstall windows then just download sp2. No need to download sp1.

Windows update is another matter!

  woodchip 08:43 16 Sep 2006

Why not get a Image Program as Acronis True Image then you can put it on the other disc with all the problems of reloading done in about 15 minutes

  TBH1 08:50 16 Sep 2006

woodchip - another good idea mate, think of I've got that somewhere.

  Gongoozler 09:14 16 Sep 2006

Hi TBH1. You are already getting very good advice regarding your problem, but I will just add that a PSU is very unlikely to hum (unless it is the PSU fan). PSU's are switch mode, i.e. the mains power is rectified and stored on large capacitors as it enters the unit. The high voltage is then chopped up at high frequency, so the transformers are very small. The result is that any transformer noise is out of human hearing range.

  TBH1 14:17 16 Sep 2006

Gongoozler - funny you should mention "out of human hearing range" - my mates and I have recently returned from a trip to Egypt, one of my mates had bought one of those electronic key-ring thingies that emit a high-pitched sound which keep all nasty insects away. I could never tell if it was switched on as I could hear nothing, but my mate could hear it. This same mate could not hear my PC 'humming' - - -but I could - he could feel the slight vibration from the case, a vibration that was in sync with the 'humming'. Spooky - - -

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