PSU blown?, recommend a new one 400w???

  Murray 20:21 13 Feb 2003

My power suplly has just blown,

Well, I think it has - it is much hotter than normal and refuses to turn on - replaced the fuse in plug to no avail. When I pull the plug out and put it in again and press the power button the cpu fan spins about 1/2 turn then stops - that is the only response I can get.

Anyway I think I shall have to buy a new one. I had thought that I was living on the edge running the following:
3 Hard drives (5400 rpm)
Geforce 4 4200
Pentium 4 2GHz (tho this I think is better than Athlon)
plus others including 256 DDR RAM, PCI sound, LAN, etc.

My current PSU is a 300w supply made by Mercury - it was a cheap and nasty one and I'm regretting it now.

I will probably get a new 400W PSU - maplin do a dual fan 400W 1/2 price - £30. Or should I spend twice that and get a good make
Enermax 350W for £55 (from Dabs)

Any thoughts?

after reading
click here

I am pretty much on the limit - it depends on how much power a P4 draws...

  Pilch.... 20:33 13 Feb 2003

ernemax, you can adjust the fan speed, i have friend's that now use them.

I have the same problem of blowing them, went thru 2 in 6 month's.

Scan do an ernemax 350 dual fan for £35, sometimes on today only offer so even cheaper! so have a look around

  Murray 20:53 13 Feb 2003

Ive just seen a ThermalTake 420W PSU for £40

are they any good?

  Gongoozler 21:07 13 Feb 2003

ThermalTake PurePower 420W has an excellent review here click here

  Murray 21:49 13 Feb 2003

I've just ordered that one from scan. £47 inc del

pretty good deal.

just keep fingers crossed it was the PSU that was playing up. I tested it in a friends PC and it didnt work either...

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