PSU blew up,has it taken motherboard with it?

  jesta 00:59 25 Aug 2007

A while ago my Hiper PSU blew up.Fine I thought,I just replace the PSU and everything is going to be fine,replaced it but PC still won't turn on,the only thing that works are the case fans. Initially I thought when the PSU blew it must have taken everything out with it.I bought a external hard drive enclosure to check if the hard drive is working and the hard drive still seems to work.Am I right in thinking that the only problem with the PC now is the motherboard(which is fried?),am I right to believe that other components should be fine?(I don't want to buy the motherboard to find out I need a new CPU,DVD drive,Graphics Card,etc.)


  Taff™ 08:09 25 Aug 2007

I have come across a similar dilemma in the past and there`s no easy answer. You would have to test every option to be sure. In my case the PSU that blew was in a mate`s computer and I was able to replace it with a spare but as in your case no joy. I was then able to test the mouse and keyboard on another system - both were dead. Next the RAM - dead etc etc.

The computer was about 4 years old anyway and by the time we`d priced up the PSU, Motherboard, KB & Mouse, RAM plus installation we would have spent the best part of a new system. It was time to upgrade. We saved the Optical and Hard drive which now sits in a caddy as a backup.

  dan* 09:36 25 Aug 2007

In the end the only way to find out is by substitution. i.e. trying each comoponent in a different computer.

Before you do that, if you can. If the computer has more than 2 sticks of ram, try one stick in the machine at a time. The one ram module may have blown. Unplug all hard drives, floppy drives, card readers and cdroms, to see if they are stopping the boot proccess. take out all pci cards and the graphics card , if you have one and you have on-board graphics. Unplug all usb devices. then try to start the computer, if it shows post, add one item at a time to see how many have a problem.

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