PSU -Again

  denali 13:22 29 Mar 2005

I asked a question on this yesterday and received excellent replies. Unfortunately I forgot to ask one of my main questions "How can I ascertain the size of the PSU installed on my system? PSU"

  jbp1982 13:25 29 Mar 2005

Took the side panel off and read the label ;)

  Technotiger 13:26 29 Mar 2005

Hi, the size wattage, I assume you mean, will be marked on a large label on psu.


  denali 13:30 29 Mar 2005

jbp1982 & Technotiger' Thank you both. I suppose it would help if I had a modicom of intelligence'

  Technotiger 13:32 29 Mar 2005

Don't worry about it - we have all been there - well, most of us :-))

  jbp1982 19:10 29 Mar 2005

I have asked all sorts of questions on here, all basic. The most efficient way to find out something is to ask a question.

Kind Regards

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