chippy+ 11:52 03 Sep 2009

hi i am thinking of replacing the power units in 2 of my pc's the on i have in mind is 700/ocz/modxtream pro i can get this for 39.99 has anyone uued this model i am trying to get the quietest unit for a reasonable price (the ones i have are getting like a wind tunnel) thanks Chippy

  Skills 18:09 03 Sep 2009

I would suggest buying a good psu from a well known manufacturer as cheap psu's can cause stability probs through fluctuations in the power they give out. You will pay a bit more for it but well worth the expense imo. Check out antec, zalaman, coolermaster to name a few

  chippy+ 18:53 03 Sep 2009

hi Skills thanks for the reply i have been looking up the internet for reviews and tests reports, some of the tests give OCZ STEATH X STREAM good reports i was hoping that someone with one of these psus could give me there opinion thanks again Chippy

  I am Spartacus 19:05 03 Sep 2009

OCZ make a good, quality PSU. I have a GameXStream 600W.

  I am Spartacus 19:10 03 Sep 2009

CustomPC Magazine tested a couple of Coolermaster PSUs recently in a group test and they were towards the bottom with one of them 'blowing' under testing.

BeQuiet have a good reputation and are well priced.

  chippy+ 19:53 03 Sep 2009

hi I am Spartacus thanks for the reply i can get the 700w/ocz fo/modxstream pro for £39.99 but i will have a look at the BeQuite could you let me know if the OCZ is quiet Chippy

  I am Spartacus 20:46 03 Sep 2009

No, the fan on my particular OCZ wasn't what I'd call quiet but there again it didn't sound like a helicopter. I do tend to try and build quiet PCs though so I may be a bit oversensitive with noise levels. I replaced the fan for a quiet one (as I do with most of my PSUs).

  GaT7 22:31 03 Sep 2009

Where are you getting the OCZ PSU from? 700W could be overkill for your needs.

What kind of system do you need to power? These will be more than sufficient for a basic PC:

Be Quiet 350W click here = £30

Corsair 400W CX click here = 38

What graphics card do you have? This might determine which PCU to go for. G

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