marbles 08:39 22 Feb 2009

Hi, i have just replaced my psu, as my pc would not boot up. But it still wont boot, not even a bleep, all fans are working, motherboard, graphics etc. Is there a way of checking components 1 by 1 to check which has failed ?. i can here the hard drive, but do you think that the motherboard may have had it when the psu packed up.

  woodchip 08:41 22 Feb 2009

Did it Beep Before?

  woodchip 08:42 22 Feb 2009

Remove the Cable Plugs From Hard Drive then see if it will show anything on screen. As I had a Drive go like that, and it was just nothing on the computer not a sound

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:55 22 Feb 2009

"all fans are working, motherboard, graphics etc"

how far does it get?
what is the last thing on the screen?

  marbles 08:57 22 Feb 2009

Hi all, yes it bleep with my old psu, i have tried an old hard drive that used to work out of old computer. Will it work even though this hard drive has been wiped clean ?.All i get at the moment is all fans working, and screen says no signal, nothing else.

  marbles 10:05 22 Feb 2009

Hi again, as above it switches on and thats it, nothing on screen just comes up no signal. But i have noticed that i cannot switch of now using the on/of switch on the computer, bet it is the motherboard, just wish there was a way of knowing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:21 22 Feb 2009

"screen says no signal"

check cables and connection pins
remove, refit graphics card and retry
if on board graphics reset BIOS by using clear BIOS jumper or by removing battery for 10 minutes.

  marbles 10:45 22 Feb 2009

Hi Fruit Bat, i will now try all of the above, remove and refit everything. Still cant help thinking mb has gone, but not giving up yet. PC was built by me and everything work first time, must be missing something.

P.S i am trying to fix pc on table so only have monitor connected at moment, would connecting everything make a difference ?. i.e no keyboard sounds cables etc.
Thxs for trying to help, im lost without my desktop, and hate using laptops.

  Pamy 11:58 22 Feb 2009

If you disconnect everything, then when you turn on,there should be no end of beeps if motherboard OK

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:59 22 Feb 2009

need minimum
psu, motherboard, cpu and fan, memory (1 stick, graphics card + monitor, keyboard + mouse

momentarily short across pins to start switch to activate PSU, it should then boot to error maessage no disk drive or opsystem missing

shut down add hard drive and retry.

  woodchip 15:05 22 Feb 2009

If it will not switch of by holding the start button in. The Motherboard is Shot

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