kwertyuk 19:34 06 Aug 2006

I need a PSU with a minimum of 400W and a "12V current rating of 20A or more"

I dont really want to spend loads .. but a quiet PSU would be good. Any ideas?

  rodriguez 19:50 06 Aug 2006

click here - it's just under 14 quid and has quite a good rating.

  kwertyuk 21:21 06 Aug 2006

Newer motherboards have a 24-pin power plug.

Mine is the older style 20-pin connection. Do all new PSUs come with connectors for this?

  citadel 21:48 06 Aug 2006

you need to spend £50 upwards for a decent psu, it will have a 20 pin and a 4 pin next to each other. you click them together for 24 or just use the 20.

  andrew-196854 21:54 06 Aug 2006

i also agree with citadel antec psu tend to be very good click here

  kwertyuk 22:05 06 Aug 2006

ye i have looked at antec and they seem fine except....

reviews show that they have 18Amps ate 12V. My 7800 needs 20Amps at 12V. This is my problem ... a lot dont have this extra 2 Amps.

  User-312386 01:10 07 Aug 2006

Hiper R 20A Rail 1 and 18A rail 2 click here

Below are the specs

click here

  David4637 10:41 07 Aug 2006

What are you powering up a power station. With a 20 AMP supply thats a direct supply eqivalent to an electric cooker??? David

  User-312386 11:11 07 Aug 2006

Normally most PSU's have 2 12v rails, i think you are only looking at one rail.

The antec one is fine and and so is the hiper r one

  woodchip 11:28 07 Aug 2006

JUst got a 650watt 12volts is 25amp 3.3 volts is 28amp cost £25 from a ReRat Computer fair at sheffield yesterday Silent Big Fan Name on Box

Sweex also it's very heavy

The bottom one click here

And a bit cheaper than the above link

click here

  rodriguez 11:33 07 Aug 2006

Most new PSU's have 24 pin connectors now and the ones that do say they are P4 compatible. This is because the 20 pin connector goes into the motherboard as normal and the extra 4 pin connector goes into a seperate socket for the CPU, as P4 CPU's require extra power.

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