Daxsimus 21:53 11 Dec 2004

Hi, Yes me again I am replacing the psu can I use any type or have i to replace with the same one? Does it have to be the same watts as well or does that not matter? Is it better with a higher watt one? I think the current one was 200w. Thanks Dax

  ste_bla 22:09 11 Dec 2004

PSU's are a standard size unless you have a Dell or a shuttle as they have different size PSU's. You can have any wattage however a big one is better as will run more things and so better for upgrading.

One thing to note is some generic PSU have a rating of 400w however this may only be a MAX output and its really say a 250w.

If you have the money go for a well known brand such as ANTEC, ENERMAX, TAGAN & OCZ.

Expect to pay a decent amount for a good PSU it may seem alot now but then think how much it would cost to replace your whole pc and data if it fries your PC. 330w - £35~45 430 - £55~65

  Daxsimus 22:15 11 Dec 2004

Hi thanks for the advice. Does it matter whether the fan blows to the ourside or not as i noticed some had it positioned on the side where as mine is at the back. Thanks

  Daxsimus 22:20 17 Dec 2004

Does it matter how the cables from the psu lay inside the computer? Just wondered as there are extra ones that don't connect to anything. Dax

  PA28 22:23 17 Dec 2004

Bunch any spare connectors up and make sure that they can't foul any fans etc., and are clear of airflow. Don't worry if you've spare ones as you'll find them handy when you add an extra drive or DVD etc.

  Daxsimus 22:50 17 Dec 2004

Thanks for the advice.
how can I make sure they are clear of airflow as they seem to be all over. Cables seem to have to connect to things at each corner so not all together. Sorry if seems silly question. Dax.

  PA28 14:17 20 Dec 2004

A few cable ties are helpful. Make sure that component fans are unobstructed (processor, graphics card, etc)- I usually tie back the cables to the framework or bundle them and stuff them into a spare drive bay. If you have case fan, make sure that they don't dangle in front of this (this applies, as far as possible, to all cables - particularly ribbons). Not only do you want the maximum amount of unobstructed airspace around your components, you also want to make sure that the cables can't catch or be sucked into the fans themselves.

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