PSt File & Trojan

  nutsy 15:01 07 Sep 2006

My virus checker ( Bitdefender) is telling me that I have the following Trojan :

tftpd32b &

Located at :

Contained within a message :
fromPhilippe Maurey, subject firmware for your R3100

Bitdefender cannot disinfect, move or delete. I cannot find the file using "search"

Any ideas what to do please?


  VoG II 15:04 07 Sep 2006

Can you find the e-mail in Outlook and delete it from there?

  DieSse 15:32 07 Sep 2006

I think this might be a false indication - is a valid file for an FTP server - if this semms a reasonable thing to be in that particular email, then you should query with the emailer, and with BitDefender, whether this is an error on BitDefenders part.

If you don't unzip the files, then they cannot do you any harm - so you don't need to delete them unless you are sure you need to.

Of course if you don't need them at all, you can delete them anyway - but you really need to tell BitDefender about them, in case it is their program that is in error.

  nutsy 16:40 07 Sep 2006

Thanks for the responses. A search in Outlook using the criteria within the mail do not find the mail - that worries me.

I know the zip file is harmless, but insure about tftpd32b which is not a zip file.
I have searched using both Outloo search and Windowsa search, and the file does not show.


  DieSse 16:56 07 Sep 2006

If you google for the files, you will find many references to them in relation to updating various hardware "boxes".

Why don't you just look through your emails - it may even be one that you've deleted, if you've also deleted it from the Deleted Items, it may still be there in the pst file pending a clean-up. I'm not sure how Outlook cleans up deleted emails.

You can do searches within Outlook itself, which may be easier - try searching for the sender rather than the attachment name.

I think it's all an error on the part of BD - I can't find any references to these files and viruses.

  nutsy 21:47 07 Sep 2006

thanks for the advice. have searched for the sender, no result, so I gues sit must be a deleted spam file that awaits a clean up.
very useful responses - thanks everyone.

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